SCARING My FRIEND In Minecraft! (Jason Voorhees)

27 dec 2020
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SCARING My FRIEND In Minecraft! (Jason Voorhees)
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  • We all know Jason dont talk what's going on

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  • Jelly is origin Jason u apprentice mate so no ly to people that watch u and I done this to josh

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  • This vid is not PG lol!

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  • Why crainer and jelly are the funniest XD

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  • If there's a Animation of this video, That will be Amazing

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  • *Jelly turns and tosses Cranier *Cranier flies Cranier: JJJJJEEEEEEEEELLLLLLYYYYY Josh: what just happened Jelly: this just happened You just see a flying josh

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  • 4:36 Lol

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  • “I thought we were just playing” *he says after choking someone*

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  • 4:40 i died

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  • “You can’t just be tossing me9 -Crainer 2020

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  • “It’s Friday the thir, thirt, thirteenth” Me: what? “I i stutter?” Me: ... yes

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  • Slogo tok yur damis not jelly You r so cool

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  • Thats so cool

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  • yuo ar cool mr cramer and nice video super cool craner

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  • I am so scared

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  • CRAINER I absolutely love you 😘 your the best

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  • Play as Freddy Krueger next

  • Your face isn’t dom

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  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • 4:36..................i- i-....... Why

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  • Crainer really enjoys "Choking" people.

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  • 4:35 Yes this is child friendly channel

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  • I just wanna say Jason Vorhees does not hold a knife he hold a machete

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  • Jelly: proof it! Crainer: ok let me unzip my pant! me: "cough" i may need some water

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  • Crainer: But it’s still Tuesday Me: *Wait but isn’t it Monday :/*

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