30 nov 2020
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  • Slogoman is fooling of this game tho its jelly what thinking the chicken ☺

    ma. ayessa Dizonma. ayessa Dizon8 timmar sedan
  • Game would have ended faster if crainer killed the chiken

    Kartik SharmaKartik Sharma8 dagar sedan
  • Why didint u guys make a bow

    EW0- Ashuo14EW0- Ashuo1416 dagar sedan
  • This is the best Video

    Natalia LabunNatalia Labun17 dagar sedan
  • 2:29 look like potato 🥔 face 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Why is that jelly always open his mouth tell him to close or put some apple in his mouth 😂😂😂😂

  • Im using my mom's phone

  • If morph was real in real life it will be more cooler😂

  • Potaters........huh???

    Aarav SharmaAarav Sharma29 dagar sedan
  • he can turn into a squid

    Awais IqbalAwais IqbalMånad sedan
  • bro he was totally that chicken

    Jenna WhiteJenna WhiteMånad sedan
  • 2:04 there was a fatter tree he could brak to get more wood

    jimmy ayalajimmy ayalaMånad sedan
  • shirt guy real is jelly

    Qixiang MoQixiang MoMånad sedan
  • jellys*

    Maryam ZishanMaryam ZishanMånad sedan
  • love ur vids not ellys bcs he swears and he short

    Maryam ZishanMaryam ZishanMånad sedan
  • hehehe

    Damian WeberDamian WeberMånad sedan
  • Uhm are you sure????

    Damian WeberDamian WeberMånad sedan
  • Crainer plz react too Best friends forever you josh jelly song

    Danializer gangDanializer gangMånad sedan
  • hiiiiiii

    siri elise hvidbergsiri elise hvidbergMånad sedan
  • I would just find a bat then morph into it and fly so they could never get me

    DragonMaster303DragonMaster303Månad sedan
  • Its mobs not mods

    hareendran hareehareendran hareeMånad sedan
  • You just looked it. Bruh moment Lol :D

    carlos cosacarlos cosaMånad sedan
    • Bruh

      carlos cosacarlos cosaMånad sedan
  • What the heck his a chicken (「`・ω・)「

    Markaron01 PHMarkaron01 PHMånad sedan

    terry guthrieterry guthrieMånad sedan
  • Dream:Omg this guy copywrited me!!!

    Sheila GregorySheila GregoryMånad sedan
  • You know they wanna make the vid long when they could’ve killed him

    Ethan Monterrosa BrisenoEthan Monterrosa BrisenoMånad sedan
  • In turtle land jelly knows about your secret base under the sun flower

    Dianne TiradoDianne TiradoMånad sedan
  • Dream is the best at speed runner vs hunters

    Christi hillChristi hillMånad sedan
  • Can u plz do more gta cars vs snipers

    Zac BradshawZac BradshawMånad sedan
  • Are you dumb crainer if a chicken looks down that is not a normal chicken

    Kyrie LauzonKyrie LauzonMånad sedan
  • Imagine if enderman lol is jelly hahaha

    Raine Xian CapoteRaine Xian CapoteMånad sedan
  • ☯️

    Gerardo Ventura zuaniGerardo Ventura zuaniMånad sedan
  • Am i the only one that will talk about when Crainer crafts stuffs, it makes an anvil sound.. LOL

    Daryl KellyDaryl KellyMånad sedan
  • I LOVE U C

    Jaden BristowJaden BristowMånad sedan
  • Yah gvg&gy

    Bivan Rai-MagarBivan Rai-MagarMånad sedan
  • 8:28 holy pigs

    Craz KingCraz KingMånad sedan
  • Me

    Leah BinleyLeah BinleyMånad sedan
  • Charlie knows

    Melissa KnightMelissa KnightMånad sedan
  • I Like how he so supportive of jelly getting away😂

    NG VexiヅNG VexiヅMånad sedan
  • I cant believe that crainer didnt saw jelly as a chicken crainer was so close to him

    CenturyWolf68CenturyWolf68Månad sedan
  • well crainer totally knew jelly was the chicken.They just wanted to make a whole video

    Jaden RoqueJaden RoqueMånad sedan
  • Crainer just hit the freaking chicken

    squidman390squidman390Månad sedan
  • Crainer jelly found Diamonds already

    hazel gonzaleshazel gonzalesMånad sedan
  • 🤣

    Rocio MedinaRocio MedinaMånad sedan
  • is crainer your real name

    matt from gtownmatt from gtownMånad sedan
  • C won

    matt from gtownmatt from gtownMånad sedan
  • That looks hard

    Copper Country Cottages LLCCopper Country Cottages LLCMånad sedan
  • crainer be careful changing page in the lectern

    Karl Micheal SingsonKarl Micheal SingsonMånad sedan
  • I feel like you guys plan this this is like........

    Samuel WilliamsSamuel WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Yes you too

    Jordan FisherJordan FisherMånad sedan
  • I litterally saw Jelly two times as a chicken.

    Thomas Van den BornThomas Van den BornMånad sedan
  • Crainer looked at jelly in the start he was a chicken

    Arshiya SubhanArshiya SubhanMånad sedan
  • I think crainer knows who jelly is but because of Content he doesnt

    Urmila GoreebaUrmila GoreebaMånad sedan
  • They literally let jelly win

    Bruhify v2Bruhify v2Månad sedan
  • The hen you stare at was jelly

    Ahmad Sarbast_officialAhmad Sarbast_officialMånad sedan
  • 4:38 He was literally staring at Jelly

    Md Kamruzzaman ChowdhuryMd Kamruzzaman ChowdhuryMånad sedan
    • I saw that to

      Lil ReeseLil ReeseMånad sedan
  • i wish you had more 20m subs pls get me a ♥ mrcraineristhebest

    Massif OlacMassif OlacMånad sedan
  • Crainer was sus of two chickens , and one of them was looking down at the floor

    JaoGamerJaoGamerMånad sedan
  • Cool Logo 👍😎

    Mark's FillMark's FillMånad sedan
  • Break the tropies with the new pick

    Meryl GotardoMeryl GotardoMånad sedan
  • 4:37 B r u H H O w

    Lol Relaxy wowLol Relaxy wowMånad sedan
  • You guys are so dumb hahahah but its funny becouse chickens dont act strange and dont look down hahahahahahahahahahahahah next time keep waching animal movements

    Hakeem Yuel FranciscoHakeem Yuel FranciscoMånad sedan
  • You should also add proximity chat

    blooby joshblooby joshMånad sedan
  • 5:31 Do You Know What I See, Dirt

    qwertywillqwertywillMånad sedan
  • I hope u get to 10mil subs everyone smash that like button!

    Judah FieldsJudah FieldsMånad sedan
  • I don't like jelly

    Susana CruzSusana CruzMånad sedan
  • I remember jelly doing this ! It was cool.

    PlumPlum CoolPlumPlum CoolMånad sedan
  • Tip: animals don't look up or down unless eating or you're close to them

    Lolbit 2.0Lolbit 2.0Månad sedan
  • jelly is the winner hunter lose

    evariste podaevariste podaMånad sedan
  • Do mor videos pls I am a big fan

    Ismail MoustafaIsmail MoustafaMånad sedan
  • You should do speed runners vs hunter

    Basketball god 10Basketball god 10Månad sedan
  • H

    David cool ArmstrongDavid cool ArmstrongMånad sedan
  • greens better

    Color Tile billingColor Tile billingMånad sedan
  • he had only one diamond and put it with your two diamonds and changed the sign to something else and said he found the three diamonds but he didnt

    Color Tile billingColor Tile billingMånad sedan
  • and you had to give three diamonds

    Color Tile billingColor Tile billingMånad sedan
  • crainer I know that jelly is the one who burnt your house down in a vid

    Color Tile billingColor Tile billingMånad sedan
  • i love your channel

    Maya and MickyMaya and MickyMånad sedan
  • dear crainster i see jellly and josh found a secret under the tax office u should check it out for yourself

    isreal peterkinisreal peterkinMånad sedan
  • Can u guys go in the dream smp plz......

    HIMESHHIMESHMånad sedan
  • Crainer slogo hide diamonds in a lake in his House

    Howard PapersHoward PapersMånad sedan
  • Yeah LOL ANIVL

  • You are the biggest noobs i ever seen.

    Silva BlazicSilva BlazicMånad sedan
  • Love this version

    Tristian smithTristian smithMånad sedan
  • Crainer how could you not know jelly was the chicken from the beginning it was his head dude.

    Matthew PayapatMatthew PayapatMånad sedan
  • if Dream was There lol

    jared worldjared worldMånad sedan
  • I would’ve just killed every chicken

    warianne marianowarianne marianoMånad sedan
  • Cool mod

    youtuber arhanyoutuber arhanMånad sedan
  • 1k

    Sartaz SinghSartaz SinghMånad sedan
  • Every speedrunner video has a Village HAHAH 😂

    Lord Kevin GarciaLord Kevin GarciaMånad sedan
    • Interesting and mostly a smithy

      Hailey ThornthwaiteHailey Thornthwaite5 dagar sedan
  • Árbol de unicornio en Spears

    Gael Pleitez cwcGael Pleitez cwcMånad sedan
  • Pls play slither I.o

    Maria SpyroyMaria SpyroyMånad sedan
  • 4:36 he let jelly live when he knew it was him coz he didnt want the vid so less time *FACT* if u noticed that then like this so that crain can correct his mistake

    StarCash GamingStarCash GamingMånad sedan
    • No I don’t think so

      Oskar FiedorowiczOskar FiedorowiczMånad sedan
  • Why don do others

  • I don like this speedrun vids

  • Bruh. Why waste time deciding which animal was Jelly. They have no limit. I would have killed every animal looking suspicious.

    Ghost Animator TOGhost Animator TOMånad sedan
  • if jelly had killed a bat/parrot and transformed it would be game over for the s hunters but jelly doesn't have a high enough IQ to think of that.

    avr gamezavr gamezMånad sedan
    • In his vid he said he couldn’t find any

      Oskar FiedorowiczOskar FiedorowiczMånad sedan
  • Ok Thats cool

    Katarzyna KozłowskaKatarzyna KozłowskaMånad sedan
  • Turn into a bat

    Per sonPer sonMånad sedan
  • 2020

    YAU KA NOK 1A 28YAU KA NOK 1A 28Månad sedan
  • When you Will be the speedruner transform into a bat

    Édouard LanÉdouard LanMånad sedan