7 dec 2020
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  • hi

    Andres RodriguezAndres Rodriguez2 dagar sedan
  • You are always the best

    Logan MRWLogan MRW3 dagar sedan
  • Here's how to do card swipe everytime do slow till the frist half and fast in the 2nd half

    Thunder GamingThunder Gaming8 dagar sedan
  • New song: All I want for Christmas is the like button!!

    Isabelle StorerIsabelle Storer14 dagar sedan
  • Good job 👍 you hit 7million

    Sarah N FosdickSarah N Fosdick14 dagar sedan
  • I will pres the like button that is my present to you crainer

    Ruby loves RobloxRuby loves Roblox20 dagar sedan
    • Btw I subbed too

      Ruby loves RobloxRuby loves Roblox20 dagar sedan
    • 💜❤️

      Ruby loves RobloxRuby loves Roblox20 dagar sedan
  • Me too

    Brysen GonzalesBrysen Gonzales22 dagar sedan
  • On among us my name is cranerfan

    Jude ClarkeJude Clarke22 dagar sedan
  • Crainer are you British

    Mona AntarMona Antar22 dagar sedan
  • You did do card swip

    Rebekah SnyderRebekah Snyder23 dagar sedan
  • Yea please do a vid where y'all speak ur language so crainer Danish jelly Dutch and slogo english

    Florence HodsonFlorence Hodson24 dagar sedan
  • I know who the gunship is its jelly cuz he's doing

    Jakaree StarksJakaree Starks24 dagar sedan
  • Crainer I can do admin swipe card in one try

    Benjamin PaticchioBenjamin Paticchio25 dagar sedan
  • Jelly

    Levi HolcombLevi Holcomb26 dagar sedan
  • Jelly is really sus so I think jelly is the imposter

    Jeff EmersonJeff Emerson26 dagar sedan
  • Merry chiristmas

    Annabelle BalahimAnnabelle Balahim27 dagar sedan
  • That's true

    Leeloutie BissoondathLeeloutie Bissoondath27 dagar sedan
  • I subbed, liked and turn on notifications ❤ You're the best 🙂🙂

    シ Morganisapro シシ Morganisapro シ29 dagar sedan
  • who came to find this video after jellys video

    Elijah HoltElijah Holt29 dagar sedan
  • It is jelly

    Fortnite GamerFortnite Gamer29 dagar sedan
  • We all ready new it was not jelly because the grinch id tall

    Ja'Darian ReeceJa'Darian ReeceMånad sedan
  • I always get it first try

    lil brolil broMånad sedan
  • Just kiding

    keni hasajkeni hasajMånad sedan
  • Wen krismes I wiel leik

    keni hasajkeni hasajMånad sedan
  • Hey craier how do friend you

    Summer LaneSummer LaneMånad sedan
  • I love the Christmas music

    Emily WoodEmily WoodMånad sedan
  • Green red yellow Christmas colour

    Ruth RangsuRuth RangsuMånad sedan

    Catstick & kingtoastCatstick & kingtoastMånad sedan
  • Do dragon modern among us

    Sophia SpencerSophia SpencerMånad sedan
  • Do a dragon game or dragon man are dragon mode in grand theft auto 5

    Sophia SpencerSophia SpencerMånad sedan
  • There is an swipe tactic you need to swipe slow til end of black arrow and swipe fast the til end it works always for me

    Bush BoyBush BoyMånad sedan
  • Crainer do the card swipe slower and you might be able to do it in one go!😁

    Remus Lupin Lovers SiriusRemus Lupin Lovers SiriusMånad sedan
  • 100%

    Royce RodriguezRoyce RodriguezMånad sedan
  • Tchris

    WaySon GairWaySon GairMånad sedan
  • Koolkats

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  • Tungpika

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  • Rishy

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  • Chris

    WaySon GairWaySon GairMånad sedan
  • Crainer

    WaySon GairWaySon GairMånad sedan
  • Slogo

    WaySon GairWaySon GairMånad sedan
  • Trance

    WaySon GairWaySon GairMånad sedan
  • Jelly

    WaySon GairWaySon GairMånad sedan
  • It’s jelly

    it's officially TM worldit's officially TM worldMånad sedan
  • Crainer is my favourite SEworld

    sarah taylorsarah taylorMånad sedan
  • Crainer I’m 10 years old and I get card swipe first try every time

    Random StuffRandom StuffMånad sedan
  • Christmas is my favorite time of the year two is the best holliday

    Rion RedzajRion RedzajMånad sedan
  • Ok

    Shad0w CarnageShad0w CarnageMånad sedan
  • I'm surprised that Josh isn't the imposter

    William DuxburyWilliam DuxburyMånad sedan
  • Can I play a game of Among Us with you guys

    Brumby ChickBrumby ChickMånad sedan
  • What happened to Tea.😔😔😞😞

    Night MareNight MareMånad sedan
  • Well they ARE

    Dominc's gamesDominc's gamesMånad sedan
  • I love your videos

  • I love christmas too

    Cowboy SurferCowboy SurferMånad sedan
  • i am going to jelly and slogs chanal and say in the chat to subscrid to you

    Joseph BonetJoseph BonetMånad sedan
  • Jelly

    Dorrian MarshallDorrian MarshallMånad sedan
  • Hi Crainer yes i will smash the like button till christmas cause that,s what you want for christmas

    Marisha KeelerMarisha KeelerMånad sedan
  • Merry Christmas

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  • ☠️☠️☠️

    free ellefree elleMånad sedan
  • your mum

    Melanie MendenMelanie MendenMånad sedan
  • Jelly

    Efrain MorenoEfrain MorenoMånad sedan
  • Jelly

    R TWOR TWOMånad sedan
  • Slogo:I sucked leaves Josh 2020

    milly162milly162Månad sedan
  • Josh said no no word

    Fruit green creeperFruit green creeperMånad sedan
  • 11:21 Crainer was definitely gonna say hell because the h part was longer

    GiratinaReaper GamingGiratinaReaper GamingMånad sedan
  • I get card swipe 1st time all the time

    DezDezMånad sedan
  • Crainer why dont you do to imposters

    Liam TorokLiam TorokMånad sedan
  • Criner you are an ideyit

    Kareem NoureldeenKareem NoureldeenMånad sedan
  • did josh curse of what was that?

    Micvaeh BloemMicvaeh BloemMånad sedan
  • Wach a video to help card swip

    Zackmaster 8Zackmaster 8Månad sedan
  • Wait Josh Sweared?

    Karma Dhendup BhutiaKarma Dhendup BhutiaMånad sedan
  • When the SEworldr say hit that like Botton I press like and like 1000000 time lol

    gaming with samirgaming with samirMånad sedan
  • merry Christmas crainer

    Jack ColeJack ColeMånad sedan
  • I like Christmas too

    brantley Mcgirtbrantley McgirtMånad sedan
  • 8:07 was the most hilarious thing ever man

    BEBsriprai junthaBEBsriprai junthaMånad sedan
  • Slogman is the inpst

    Paul MaxwellPaul MaxwellMånad sedan
  • Im in sweden right now and its Lucia

    Nathalie JohanssonNathalie JohanssonMånad sedan
  • Its OK

    Tuna FishTuna FishMånad sedan

  • Crainer do yuo love yellow I love yellow too

    Daniel BaguistanDaniel BaguistanMånad sedan
  • The trash’s task doesn’t do the animation over and over-it only does it when crew and ghosts do it

    Dru TaylorDru TaylorMånad sedan
  • At 1:54 Josh Swore I Thought That This Was A Family Friendly Channel

    FaZe_ BEASTFaZe_ BEASTMånad sedan
    • I think he said “Why can’t this ship make up its mind?”

      Shadowmnh12Shadowmnh126 dagar sedan
  • LOL😂

    Lubna Khuffash I love your video neckLubna Khuffash I love your video neckMånad sedan
  • alternate title: among us

    KW - 07MA 758484 Thomas Street MSKW - 07MA 758484 Thomas Street MSMånad sedan
  • I’m a Christmas FAAAAAAN yeah yeah yeah

    sparkle twinssparkle twinsMånad sedan
  • Christmas is here Christmas is here yeah CHRISTMAS IS HERE HERE HERE CHRISTMAS YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH Christmas is going Quick

    sparkle twinssparkle twinsMånad sedan
  • Crainer why do you not play fall guys with slogoman and jelly

    Charlene Pieters - SiljeurCharlene Pieters - SiljeurMånad sedan
  • what i want for chritmas is for crainer AKA the best youtuber to reply to me :)

    Hamilton Lopez-ValenzuelaHamilton Lopez-ValenzuelaMånad sedan
  • Get Crainer to 7million for christmas

    maliiskingmaliiskingMånad sedan
  • Card swipe easy

    Buffey AnchordoquiBuffey AnchordoquiMånad sedan
  • Aand anyone notice that on top of the Christmas hat there's a bone

    basil_114 XDbasil_114 XDMånad sedan
  • NGL the imposter is always either the three Bois or rishy

    The Fire Guardian Mega Charizard XThe Fire Guardian Mega Charizard XMånad sedan
  • All you have to do is do card swipe 5 times fast and you will get it

    Abigail RomanAbigail RomanMånad sedan
  • hi i liked all of your vidios i relly like all of your vidios and it is very funny

    christo maraischristo maraisMånad sedan
  • 8:05 you're yelling at me yelling at you🤣🤣

    Gian SibaloGian SibaloMånad sedan
  • I really wish that jelly was the imposter

    Rosemary YatesRosemary YatesMånad sedan
  • Did you think your words with you from the beginning because I dare really no

    Rosemary YatesRosemary YatesMånad sedan
  • josh is safe and it kant be jelly beekuz hes not that smart.

    Utisak VrpoljeUtisak VrpoljeMånad sedan
  • %nh7nuj

    عمار عموريعمار عموريMånad sedan
  • Crainer:oh wait Steve is also green Also crainer: *villager noises* 0:54

    dhiya_official do stuffdhiya_official do stuffMånad sedan
  • When chris was dead i already knew is rishy

    Voon Wee néeVoon Wee néeMånad sedan