19 dec 2020
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Join me & play Crossout for FREE! Use the link below for a FREE BONUS and get three weapons or a Van vehicle cabin for your vehicles.
Also available for FREE on PlayStation®4 and Xbox
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  • I play crossout i like this video

    Laura BrownLaura BrownDag sedan
  • Crainer yours like is spider tank😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Bryan NygrynBryan Nygryn8 dagar sedan
  • I think Crainer is good in here

    NeSoRi 40NeSoRi 409 dagar sedan
  • I download the game

    Berlina GarachicoBerlina Garachico9 dagar sedan
  • Urs was cool

    Sukh SinghSukh Singh19 dagar sedan
  • I can not find crossout

    Geoff HarrisGeoff Harris19 dagar sedan
  • I am downloading it rn

    Daan Vd MeulenDaan Vd Meulen20 dagar sedan
  • Can’t find me crainer : slogo instals rinds crainer

    Ali MuhammadAli Muhammad23 dagar sedan
  • how do you have all that stuff

    BigFoot GamingBigFoot Gaming25 dagar sedan
    • @ediz paganini no you dont

      Kubix XlKubix Xl9 dagar sedan
    • @Dawran Dllan thats unfair

      BigFoot GamingBigFoot Gaming13 dagar sedan
    • Plus, you get 1000 coins every month and all the packs for free for your personal account

      Dawran DllanDawran Dllan19 dagar sedan
    • Can you also get it when you are level 30

      ediz paganiniediz paganini20 dagar sedan
    • He has promo account can be obtain by the Crossout developers, youtubers who has more than 500 hundred subs can fill a file for that

      Dawran DllanDawran Dllan24 dagar sedan
  • crainerthebigbrainer indeed

    Family PichonFamily Pichon26 dagar sedan
  • Is there an sandbox mode in crossout

    Karthik SKarthik S27 dagar sedan
  • crainer: pc, xbox, ps4... me: PS4!!! thats outdated!

    igamer2_000 ytigamer2_000 yt27 dagar sedan
  • where is the link ?

    nika imedashvilinika imedashvili27 dagar sedan
  • 0:18

    Omar HelmyOmar Helmy27 dagar sedan
  • Where is the linkkk

    Phoenix ZPhoenix Z28 dagar sedan
  • I down loaded xrossout but it wont connect to the server, though i was expecting that sine i cant play online games on my switch

    Quan MaiQuan Mai28 dagar sedan
    • crossout isnt on nintendo switch

      Chicken RLChicken RL8 dagar sedan
  • jelly

    Neema MoshaNeema Mosha28 dagar sedan
  • нагибатор228

    Данил СайфуллинДанил Сайфуллин28 dagar sedan
  • Merry Christmas

    JJ The goatJJ The goat29 dagar sedan
  • Do it not work cause I'm on mobile?

    JJ The goatJJ The goat29 dagar sedan
  • Crainer how about play with jelly

    Shuu FochShuu FochMånad sedan
  • Thank you crainster soo much for sharing the crossout download link.

    IamSaigamer 24IamSaigamer 24Månad sedan
  • This hurts to watchhh

    Thejammie gamerThejammie gamerMånad sedan
  • I don’t mean to offend anyone but, the point of the cabin in the first car is to deal melee damage by going fast, you put legs on the build. As a cross out player and youtuber I hope no one re creates this build

    100% A Bot Yup totally100% A Bot Yup totallyMånad sedan
  • Its almost out on iphone and android too on google app store

    A KHANA KHANMånad sedan
  • watch my latest video omg

    NameLessNameLessMånad sedan
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍☢

    Hunter KirbyHunter KirbyMånad sedan
  • nice new game it looks cool

    FondIsCraftYTFondIsCraftYTMånad sedan
  • 1vs1 me epic endemic-goal9

    Anne KyAnne KyMånad sedan
  • Use the link in the flescription

    Karsyn TwilleyKarsyn TwilleyMånad sedan
  • More

    Siphosementi MambaSiphosementi MambaMånad sedan
  • Hey more crossout

    Herson VillaHerson VillaMånad sedan
  • I wish it were out for switch

    evan robertevan robertMånad sedan

    coininat-housaincoininat-housainMånad sedan
  • Jelly and Dino played it like 6 months ago

    Maaz ShaikhMaaz ShaikhMånad sedan
  • play cros out again criner pls

    Kidd DomanielKidd DomanielMånad sedan
  • Is there a way you can play this game with all the parts of do you have to do the whole battle thing

    Seth GuarnizoSeth GuarnizoMånad sedan
  • Make an At walker from star wars

    laba kumar chaudharylaba kumar chaudharyMånad sedan
  • crainer play world of warships

    Satish Kumar KattaSatish Kumar KattaMånad sedan
  • Is it free?

    Ej RulesEj RulesMånad sedan
  • Where’s jelly? He has this game

    RamRamMånad sedan
  • Great car but i think i can make better cars tho

    ProBro 7ProBro 7Månad sedan
  • Good VIDEO

    Amanda LuckelAmanda LuckelMånad sedan
  • Is it for android

    Kj BoakyeKj BoakyeMånad sedan
  • Crainer:pc xbox ps4 Mobile users: "visual sadness"

    Mr ZappyMr ZappyMånad sedan
    • @Vojtěch Němeček oh ite thx

      Mr ZappyMr Zappy29 dagar sedan
    • You can actually play it on mobile but it isn't similar to the pc or console version :)

      Vojtěch NěmečekVojtěch Němeček29 dagar sedan
  • :( I'm on MacOs

    Ree KidRee KidMånad sedan
  • Pls make more videos

    GabrisGabrisMånad sedan
  • i love when slogo and crainer at the last battle vs 2 other people crainer and slogo literally did nothing and the other 2 destroyed them

    redash12redash12Månad sedan
  • Jelly needs to join crossout

  • Plz do more of this game

    marcus buxtonmarcus buxtonMånad sedan
  • can u make more of this game i very like it

    yanni liyanni liMånad sedan
  • More cross out pls

    Chelliah TheniChelliah TheniMånad sedan
  • I subed u and your friends josh and Jelly

    BlinkyBlinkyMånad sedan
  • Thanks for saying its Free it looks fun and u make Good videos

    BlinkyBlinkyMånad sedan
  • It was like spider vs house fly

  • Where is jelly

    Justin LewisJustin LewisMånad sedan
  • THX I like the sponsor

    Ms fluffyMs fluffyMånad sedan
  • Недо-кабан паук)))))

    MarkusNotFoundMarkusNotFoundMånad sedan
  • I play croso

    Jon SJon SMånad sedan
  • ??????????????????????

    Naseer KhanNaseer KhanMånad sedan
  • If you download it on X box one s, will you need the Xbox live gold to play it or you can play it immediately

    Naseer KhanNaseer KhanMånad sedan
    • No you don't need it, it's totally free

      Dawran DllanDawran Dllan24 dagar sedan
  • He crainer you look scary your car

    Azemina HajdariAzemina HajdariMånad sedan
  • hahahahahahah

    Arturo SuarezArturo SuarezMånad sedan
  • crainer slogo take your dimonds hidden by jelly in your silling

    striking gamersstriking gamersMånad sedan
  • Very old game

    rizki 28rizki 28Månad sedan
  • Hey crainer do you think about bob the parrot😔😔

    zoax playzzoax playzMånad sedan
  • Where is Jelly

    Chris ConstantinouChris ConstantinouMånad sedan
  • Sup crainer i love ur vids

    Hadi AyassHadi AyassMånad sedan
  • When you first play cross out and don't understand it: this video.

    Judy TarrJudy TarrMånad sedan
  • We, re is jelly 🧐

    Rexdon KapirigRexdon KapirigMånad sedan
  • Can you play blockman go please 🥺🥺

    Sasaki IndicoSasaki IndicoMånad sedan
  • Pleas crainer play jellys mincraft world Josh has build a castle

    Musammat RafiMusammat RafiMånad sedan
  • The Rubber duck from slogo it's was very funny🤣 that crainer knock out his rubber ducky and the horn 1:57

    YanYanMånad sedan
  • Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Sus JackSus JackMånad sedan
  • Not everybody

    Lucas PoissonLucas PoissonMånad sedan
  • Hej crainer egentlig er du den mest abonnerede kanal i Danmark ps hvis du liker den her kommentar så abonnerer jeg til dig

    PX GamingPX GamingMånad sedan
  • Who else was in crazy family?

    Gaming with DhanuGaming with DhanuMånad sedan
    • Me

      catcatMånad sedan
  • Where's jelly??

    Pins disconnectedPins disconnectedMånad sedan
  • thank you Crainer so much

    Hamid HamidHamid HamidMånad sedan
  • I just saw Josh’s cross out vid and I downloaded it fast as possible

    Lilmatrix ZLilmatrix ZMånad sedan
  • Is this game have virus?

    Dracula 2.0Dracula 2.0Månad sedan
  • yeah boi

    Francen TabucolFrancen TabucolMånad sedan
  • Instead of having a promo account, try making one, and start from scratch.

    Aleksa MarkovicAleksa MarkovicMånad sedan
  • You are ruining all the fun in this game. If popular youtubers start finding this game it would be hacked, cuz many people hack, and the game will be dead.

    Aleksa MarkovicAleksa MarkovicMånad sedan
  • Did anybody notice that there is fafnir weapon and if you watch anime you know what I am talking about

    Sap SadeSap SadeMånad sedan
    • Yeah I know

      John AddadJohn AddadMånad sedan
    • Oh ye i do

      Wilson LimWilson LimMånad sedan
  • its cool that at the end of the video you can actually see crainers shadow on his green screeen which gives a cool effect you know

    RubyGamez with FloraYTRubyGamez with FloraYTMånad sedan
  • Hai cerainer nice car dude

    Jinan Almair KhalisJinan Almair KhalisMånad sedan
  • And android crainer just letting you know

    Jake WuJake WuMånad sedan
  • Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease

    Dante MatheeDante MatheeMånad sedan
  • Could you try out identity v

    Dante MatheeDante MatheeMånad sedan
  • Oooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Andrew WongAndrew WongMånad sedan
  • crainer could have build a Levithian

  • Slogo:don't push me Crainer:I wont Slogo:ok push me Crainer:ok

    GhostSaltedGhostSaltedMånad sedan
  • Nice man

    Jacy StevenJacy StevenMånad sedan
  • Crainer cmon play fortnite there are airplanes again like the gud old days

    Marco Anton T TIRADOSMarco Anton T TIRADOSMånad sedan
  • Beamng

    Adam ZharfanAdam ZharfanMånad sedan
  • Fortnite plsss

    Norma ArayjiNorma ArayjiMånad sedan
  • Crainer Dirt=death Cobblestone = life

    Ali reza KhaleqiAli reza KhaleqiMånad sedan
  • Will you play GTA V online with me

    Marcell Van der bergMarcell Van der bergMånad sedan
  • Does the game work on android

    MJ 208GamerMJ 208GamerMånad sedan