9 dec 2020
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  • Crainer why are you being 🙂

    Chantel JamesChantel JamesDag sedan
  • Cj

    Chantel JamesChantel JamesDag sedan
  • hehehehe hahahahahaha😀😃🤣😆😂🤣😜🤪😛

    Monir MomoMonir Momo5 dagar sedan
  • 🏡+🏚=💩

    Myda DwanMyda Dwan6 dagar sedan
  • 🤣🤣

    Myda DwanMyda Dwan6 dagar sedan
  • jelly haze iron 55!!

    Nico ChavezNico Chavez6 dagar sedan
  • 1:25 my face when i have no homework

    Toasty ElijahToasty Elijah7 dagar sedan
  • 😆😆😆😆😆😂😂

    Aprill SamuelsAprill Samuels8 dagar sedan
  • Crainer says I won't spoil it. Me thinking he spoiled it in the title.

    Ty TyTy Ty10 dagar sedan
  • Jelly has iron

    NotYoutuberNotYoutuber11 dagar sedan
  • Me: Watching crainer making land and sees he leaves a hole in the ground ALso me: I bet crainer falls down that hole when he has ALL the supplies for a troll HAHAH😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    The adventure KittensThe adventure Kittens15 dagar sedan
  • what ggs mean?

    Leah ZahirahLeah Zahirah15 dagar sedan
  • Dont do that ever again

    Kate Mason-WoodsKate Mason-Woods19 dagar sedan
  • 7:36 Crainer: The Finishing touch is the most important touch. Me: Oh i know it Crainer: Crainer's Crib, AKA THE BEST HOUSE ON THE BLOOOOOOOOK! Me: (Laughing) i knew he would wrote that like in Turtle Town! (Laughing again)

    JoshVincent CardenoJoshVincent Cardeno19 dagar sedan
  • 7:25 ....... LOL LOL 😂😂AND LOL x 100000000000

    NaturePlayzNaturePlayz20 dagar sedan
  • 7:25 all I can say is...................

    NaturePlayzNaturePlayz20 dagar sedan
  • Travis howe is not my real name

    Travis HoweTravis Howe23 dagar sedan
  • Crainer slogo put your liquids far away from the chest at the mod spawner go really far out

    Travis HoweTravis Howe23 dagar sedan
  • Josh destroyed your house you should blow up his house and he has a secret area of jellies lava and water and yours and also tell jelly that please or I'll not like your video

    Tanner McCoyTanner McCoy23 dagar sedan
  • Hello

    Xabi’s Gaming channelXabi’s Gaming channel23 dagar sedan
  • I think it was Jelly

    Lenny HunterLenny Hunter26 dagar sedan
  • p

    Iain CottonIain Cotton26 dagar sedan
  • h

    Sheldon M.S. DawngzelaSheldon M.S. Dawngzela26 dagar sedan
  • You should of destroyed the bridge

    Delilah CombsDelilah CombsMånad sedan
  • True

    Akhtar HasaniAkhtar HasaniMånad sedan
  • haha

    Trevor De MirandaTrevor De MirandaMånad sedan
  • Whered ya lava go bud? Yep, Jellys probably gonna cry when he finds out his lavas gone.

    kelly kindlerkelly kindlerMånad sedan
  • Hey Crainer,your house is burning down its not josh's fault and its not jelly's fault I think its the lava

    Leana Faye PanlilioLeana Faye PanlilioMånad sedan
  • Is good

    bigb fan 32bigb fan 32Månad sedan
  • Cranier slogo hid all of the lava and water

    Stacey LyStacey LyMånad sedan
  • crainer is skyblock nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob

    Lucas FiskLucas FiskMånad sedan
  • Bruh if you didn't notice your house burned down again in Josh's video

    MattMattMånad sedan
  • Ummm.. crainer you shouldve keep the lame pickaxe i know irs lame but you can use it as a extra pickaxe

    Terence BuenaventuraTerence BuenaventuraMånad sedan
  • Hahahay the roof on ur house looks like poop

    Prince Keian ObiadoPrince Keian ObiadoMånad sedan
  • jelly coud stiele your laver

    Finley RichardsonFinley RichardsonMånad sedan
  • Your house is on fire

    Whetton987Whetton987Månad sedan
  • ok baby is jelly

    pamela erog-erogpamela erog-erogMånad sedan
  • Hey crainer your house is burning down when josh started his mincraft sever but josh dint burn your house

    Zechariah Jacob RaceZechariah Jacob RaceMånad sedan
  • crainer if you build a house out of wood your house will burn down because if you build an cobblestone generator the house will burn down

    Fabulous BeckFabulous BeckMånad sedan
  • hello crainer im a fan of slogoman and slogoman join and he saw your house was burning goodluck fixing that and he did not burn your house he just saw it burning and jelly did not burn it ethir

    CGT Info ChannelCGT Info ChannelMånad sedan
  • I’m telling Jelly LoL

    klaysri Opalklaysri OpalMånad sedan
  • 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    Jason Van der bergJason Van der bergMånad sedan
  • You now guys Crainer has left a path to jelly,s house

    Hao Yang HuangHao Yang HuangMånad sedan
  • This house is supit

    Tavion MooreTavion MooreMånad sedan
  • 7:20 😂

    AlandAlandMånad sedan
  • Not draw stuff

    Landen SmedleyLanden SmedleyMånad sedan
  • Skyblock on your house was burning down and it's jelly doing it

    Landen SmedleyLanden SmedleyMånad sedan
  • Jely Soc

    Ola RefaiOla RefaiMånad sedan
  • Crainer your skyblock is burning

    Tilma TilmaTilma TilmaMånad sedan
  • Crainer Your Skyblock is flipp'in burn'in

    Dynamite AnimsDynamite AnimsMånad sedan
  • Why don't you make cobble slabs

    I am FishyI am FishyMånad sedan
  • sky you cannot breat😑

    Bma HnamteBma HnamteMånad sedan
  • lol

    jay roblox009jay roblox009Månad sedan
  • hypixel skyblock is better

    Wesley DeckerWesley DeckerMånad sedan
  • That one thing when you realized Crainer started both of the troll wars - Turtle Town and Skyblock.

    『·Aʑυl·』『·Aʑυl·』Månad sedan

    Hector DanosHector DanosMånad sedan
  • your is on fireeeee!!!!!

    Muhammad Radzi Abdul AzizMuhammad Radzi Abdul AzizMånad sedan
  • crainer is not slogoman and jelly

  • crainer your home is getin fire in jelly skyblock server

  • Crainer your house is burning

    Sachin GabhaneSachin GabhaneMånad sedan
  • Crainer please go to your skyblock ones there is a sign board for u 😂😂😂😂😂

    s m masthans m masthanMånad sedan
  • When josh Started your house was on fire.

    Erin BuchholzErin BuchholzMånad sedan
    • i saw that Video😂💔

      Arjhay S.A. de guzmanArjhay S.A. de guzmanMånad sedan
    • Cool I don’t understand

      Red Phoenix BoyRed Phoenix BoyMånad sedan
  • Crainer you see cobblestone is life

    Areen KhasrawAreen KhasrawMånad sedan
  • ur house is burning down xD

    ItsSuperSebzy ytItsSuperSebzy ytMånad sedan
  • Crainer your house burning

    Shalley LimShalley LimMånad sedan
  • ahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaha

    connieconcon cconnieconcon cMånad sedan
  • hey Crainer look at your skyblock and josh tell where your lava and jelly do your dirth in the of sponer fram cheak plz

    Aɭɘɘɱ Gʌɱɩŋʛ YTAɭɘɘɱ Gʌɱɩŋʛ YTMånad sedan
  • i dont know why but crainers skyblock was burning in slogos vid

    Schephalica TewariSchephalica TewariMånad sedan
  • Crainer your home is burning cus your lava is close

    Haiping WANGHaiping WANGMånad sedan
  • lol xD 7:43

    Aicha IbrahimAicha IbrahimMånad sedan
  • *as*

    Gershelle VillardoGershelle VillardoMånad sedan
  • I think it doesn’t matter where you put the lava or the water buuuuuuut never mind 😑

    Olivia PuckrinOlivia PuckrinMånad sedan
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Pamela Nepomuceno BaisaPamela Nepomuceno BaisaMånad sedan
  • Crainer JELLY now your sekretbes

    Kevin OpaoKevin OpaoMånad sedan
  • Crainer if you go in jellys survival world your diamonds are stealad and you cant get it bag

    Rpo29Pro 1Rpo29Pro 1Månad sedan
  • Crainer jelly put your house on fire :(

    Suneit SleeSuneit SleeMånad sedan
  • If u steel his water u could make an infinite water source

    Smexy AnusSmexy AnusMånad sedan
  • your own house is in fire

    Mylene TalagMylene TalagMånad sedan
  • Not Josh is jelly

    Chow Chern TsongChow Chern TsongMånad sedan
  • Your House is burning crainer join now jelly troll you troll jelly now!!!!!

    Chow Chern TsongChow Chern TsongMånad sedan
  • There’s 6.9m subs

    Gouxin LinGouxin LinMånad sedan
  • My you so coll

    Elfahd RohaidiElfahd RohaidiMånad sedan
  • why Crainer always start a war!!!!

    Azier TramcAzier TramcMånad sedan
  • Crainer you put your house near the lava no one but your lava burn almost your house

    Glen Mar GersinGlen Mar GersinMånad sedan
  • Crainer's house burnt down litterally i watched josh's video

    DFPCraft-Minecraft beeDFPCraft-Minecraft beeMånad sedan
  • crainer needs to destroy the brigde so that jelly couldn;t just run over and grab the lava

    LagblitzLagblitzMånad sedan
  • Is there still Turtle Town?

    Sam JohnSam JohnMånad sedan
  • I cheated because how did you get iron to get that bucket 😂😂🤔

    Joseph BrooksJoseph BrooksMånad sedan
  • Btwwwwwwwww Josh got u a present on u're turtle town

    Braedan HillmanBraedan HillmanMånad sedan
  • jelly took your four diminds from your seceret base

    Juan Valencia-BartolonJuan Valencia-BartolonMånad sedan
  • And it’s not slogo or jelly that did it

    Makoy AsuncionMakoy AsuncionMånad sedan
  • Crainer your house is burning

    Makoy AsuncionMakoy AsuncionMånad sedan
  • Hi,Crainer what is up P.S I love your vids!

    powerpowerMånad sedan
  • Crainer:big brain time Me:not big brain time

    clyde jazztine amatorioclyde jazztine amatorioMånad sedan
  • Crainer:big brain time Me:not big brain time

    clyde jazztine amatorioclyde jazztine amatorioMånad sedan

    Celvin OhlssonCelvin OhlssonMånad sedan
  • Your house is burning log in again 😂😂

  • Who else watch slogo vid cause ummm crainer ur house burnt down it was not josh I repeat it wasn't him

    Dakota RikerDakota RikerMånad sedan
  • This is how much people love crainer 👇🏻

    vKxrruptvKxrruptMånad sedan
  • Wow nice house buddy pls make a ep 2 pls I wish you could pls

    vKxrruptvKxrruptMånad sedan