Minecraft BUT You JUMP ALL DAY!

29 dec 2020
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Minecraft BUT You JUMP ALL DAY!
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  • 0:05 what did you say

    matthew drzdovasmatthew drzdovas15 dagar sedan
  • why were there enchanted fish?

    samik isawesomesamik isawesome17 dagar sedan
  • Happy New year guys!!!

    Sreevishnu GirishSreevishnu Girish17 dagar sedan
  • anyone remember a video like this

    Hannah ShiHannah Shi18 dagar sedan
  • Hi I am a big fan of your SEworld channel

    theresa amituanaitheresa amituanai19 dagar sedan
  • Crainer i think why jelly doesnt bounce that much cause he almost have full armor and the i think has weight atleast i think so

    Zion ZarateZion Zarate19 dagar sedan
  • I’m I the one thinking what would happen if you crouch

    Kim SiegenthalerKim Siegenthaler19 dagar sedan
  • Jelly: *Comes in and pushes Crainer out of the head bonker* Crainer:JELLY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!??? Crainer a few minutes later: So Jelly comes in with his big belly and pushes me out! Me: *laughing so hard I’m crying*

    Ellie Cooper HrtEllie Cooper Hrt20 dagar sedan
  • I have to say it is making me feel sick 🤢🤢🤢

    Cheryl KeenCheryl Keen21 dag sedan
  • Isn't this a very old video?

    NaveenNaveen21 dag sedan
  • The bouncing is funny because I'm always bouncing

    super pwange Aiden999halosuper pwange Aiden999halo22 dagar sedan
  • Yay

    xyryll's vlogxyryll's vlog22 dagar sedan
  • Ok 👍

    xyryll's vlogxyryll's vlog22 dagar sedan
  • Cranier is sus but not like the pals

    Donald WoodDonald Wood22 dagar sedan
  • I'm ded 😆 when crainer said jelly push me with his giant belly lol

    Babybluemonkey BlueBabybluemonkey Blue22 dagar sedan
  • Who here knew that enchanted fish was part of the game? I didn’t.

    Diesel RocksDiesel Rocks22 dagar sedan
  • This is so entertaining

    Dzvina StepanyakDzvina Stepanyak22 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations on 7M subs

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  • 😓Then Have to jump

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  • Congrats on 7m

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  • Crainer: uploads 1 day ago me: I AM SPEED BU 24 HOURS

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  • Jelly is my favorite because he's funny😂😂

    Aieshia mae JimenaAieshia mae Jimena23 dagar sedan
  • Why you in the sky Ima skip

    Ely CanoEly Cano23 dagar sedan
  • Wow jelly is so mean but he is as small

    Eckhart SangkalEckhart Sangkal23 dagar sedan
  • Jelly is always get the wood and he get the wood in crainer

    earl banzueloearl banzuelo23 dagar sedan
  • That is a good challenge.

    Nick WestNick West23 dagar sedan
  • OMG he didnt even give credit to the mod

    Crabby FishCrabby Fish23 dagar sedan
  • So nice video

    GAMER 4 LIFEGAMER 4 LIFE23 dagar sedan
  • yea

    arihannah lifearihannah life23 dagar sedan
  • Crainer, bouncy jelly is normal jelly.

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  • Hi

    Faith ShacklockFaith Shacklock23 dagar sedan
  • Hi crainer I'm a big fan ofyour s

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  • I could not live with jumping forever

    Alchemy KempAlchemy Kemp23 dagar sedan
  • 🤩🤩😎😎😎😎

    Sasidharreddy PuttareddygariSasidharreddy Puttareddygari23 dagar sedan
  • slogo hid a chest in turtle towns blacksmith lava

    k1ng Neslingk1ng Nesling23 dagar sedan
  • Are you still married?

    Cody GriffinCody Griffin23 dagar sedan
  • If I did that challenge with jelly I would rage quit. Also I liked you vid

    Mando GamingMando Gaming23 dagar sedan
  • Me when he enters the cave "ahh I'm colorblind!!!...oh"

    Black NightmareBlack Nightmare23 dagar sedan
  • Congrats for 7M subs

    Torrey MushiTorrey Mushi23 dagar sedan
  • Ohh yeah I see you now bc 1 year ago I'm not seeing your videos

  • 7:35 Crainer puts wood in furnace and right there next to him is coal!

    Alice ChristieAlice Christie23 dagar sedan
  • Oh.

    MasonPlayzMasonPlayz23 dagar sedan
  • I missed these challenges

    Kennedy NdunaKennedy Nduna23 dagar sedan
  • Did they realize that the zombies were carrying enchanted cod?......

    T8YT8Y23 dagar sedan
  • God dag lol prob wrong PFFT SO SORRY 🧠💀👈 ME

    Karisa AndersonKarisa Anderson23 dagar sedan
  • Congrats crainer! 7milllll

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  • 9:56 Zombie Beating Jelly with enchanted Fish 😂😂😂😂🐡

    Hardcode GamerHardcode Gamer24 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations on 7m

    Liz DaviesLiz Davies24 dagar sedan
  • can we do speedruners vs hunter but speedruner is short(aka jelly)

    Parteek MahendruParteek Mahendru24 dagar sedan
  • Crainer hope you enjoy your 7mil subscribe

    Laksh DeenaLaksh Deena24 dagar sedan
  • did i just saw enchanted fish being hold by bouncing zombies

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  • 😝😝😝😝😝

  • Fun fact it's an old video

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  • Congrats for 7m subs

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  • Hey Crainer. Idk if you noticed this but you actually reached 7M subs, when is the celebration vid coming mate

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  • Did anyone notice of the enchanted fish in craniers enventory

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  • 1

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  • 1

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  • My battery: 70% Crainers Subs: 7M :Oo me is lucky

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  • hi

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  • Slogo heart is a ♥️ Jellys heart is a 💚 Crainers heart is a 💩

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  • 123... Bongggg bonggggg lol mega fan crag-ster get

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  • Jellys so good but your just a boomer loozer with a yellow face

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  • If you spin a wheel you will just get nomore subscribers

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  • Your not a good youtuber for your fans CRANY GRUMPY

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  • Your not good at alllll

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  • Crainer you are mow 7million subscibers

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  • As if you can be better then any youtuber you the worst youtuber ever

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  • Boooomer

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  • Looozer

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  • Crainer plz play jellys world

    the goobthe goob24 dagar sedan
  • Search a SEworld channel called SEworldrs sing and a third mom it’s logo jelly Kraner saying mood

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  • this is so hard im play survival with bouncing

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  • 12 hours ago

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  • Happy new year!!!

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  • What seed is it

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  • Bmty

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  • Crainer Slogo find dimonds and hind them in the smithy in the lava

    rale9770 rale9770rale9770 rale977024 dagar sedan
  • You guys could have made a boat

    Lord KingLord King24 dagar sedan
  • 10:34 request mod: karate mod, car mod, naruto mod,

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  • Happy 7m crainer congrats🎉🥳

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  • LOL

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  • I now that you hat your firends but you guys will be friends forever

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  • Congratulations Crainer for hitting 7.1 million subscribers

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  • This vid made me so dizzy

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  • Cograts crainer you reach 7Mill im so happy for you man

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  • Likeyoucutg

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  • I like when slogoman was stuck

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  • 7million subs yeah

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  • I love your vids

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  • wow congrats crainer for 7million subscribers❤

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  • Hi u the best SEworld crainer

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