My Friends ARE TINY In Human Fall Flat!

6 dec 2020
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My Friends ARE TINY In Human Fall Flat!
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🤝 My Friends!
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  • I was watching this at 0:040 am 40 mins in morning

    Connor SConnor S4 dagar sedan
  • Crainer:you are the worst friend 6:04

    Rio RoseRio Rose17 dagar sedan
  • Alternative title:crainer being invisible intire video Just kidding

    AdikOsas GamingAdikOsas Gaming20 dagar sedan
  • Crainer I love your video.s I subscribed and liked too you

    Raaj UppalRaaj Uppal22 dagar sedan
  • Pppbbbtt fart sound*

    Ceyda SernazCeyda SernazMånad sedan
  • Ghynh nnjnjmjmm,k

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  • The tea top down

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  • Im your fan

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  • Crainer you deserve better friends. this is how many ppl agree 👇

    Cindy MeyerCindy MeyerMånad sedan
  • ..him jining

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  • He clickbaitet😤

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  • o hi o ok

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  • Poor u

    Blake HallBlake HallMånad sedan
    • You get it poor like poor water for a plants and achley poor you

      Blake HallBlake HallMånad sedan
  • JUST

    Bishnu BhaktaBishnu BhaktaMånad sedan
  • The best way possible I

    Onyeka ObiOnyeka ObiMånad sedan
  • Crainer - I will be the checkpoint master

    RE CrOOTRE CrOOTMånad sedan
  • hahah

    Kianaruto PH BeatKianaruto PH BeatMånad sedan
  • Jelly mean

    Jamsheela AfeefJamsheela AfeefMånad sedan
  • Jelly and josh are both greedy on crainer

    Demon SlayerDemon SlayerMånad sedan
  • Crainer react to your draw their life! Please! I want to be featured in one of your videos

    Vihas fun tvVihas fun tvMånad sedan
  • Wait your “friends” made fun of you not becoming tiny

    Nicholas PatadunganNicholas PatadunganMånad sedan
  • You no what crainer just leave because they don’t appreciate you

    Monty AliMonty AliMånad sedan

    ToxiiC MaYhEmZzToxiiC MaYhEmZzMånad sedan
  • Josh is so rude to crainer

    Kyle BaniquedKyle BaniquedMånad sedan
  • 📺🔌👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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  • 13:06 IM DYING

    Chungus fungus BroChungus fungus BroMånad sedan
  • This is how many crainer lovers❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 👇

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  • Poor crainer

    Slime RancherSlime RancherMånad sedan
    • I love you crainer

      Slime RancherSlime RancherMånad sedan
  • I love how drainer couldn’t make it so he needed to make jelly and josh to take the check point for him I laughed 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    abdulla albannaabdulla albannaMånad sedan
  • Merry Christmas hope you all get your wishes 😁

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    • My wish is to get 10 subscribers

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  • Me:you know that everyone has been waiting on it Crainer:waiting on what Me: that baby everybody been waiting for you to have a baby

    Larry MasonLarry MasonMånad sedan
  • 12:15 so you don’t got a coconut 🥥

    Patty defrancescoPatty defrancescoMånad sedan
  • This vid had so much negative dang what happen to you guys

    Patty defrancescoPatty defrancescoMånad sedan
  • Who is taller jelly you or slogoman

    Lance UnderhillLance UnderhillMånad sedan
  • I like the vedio

    Xyrille John OcampoXyrille John OcampoMånad sedan
  • There are mean

  • crainer its a acorn not coconut

    Benjamin Walker Year 6Benjamin Walker Year 6Månad sedan
  • 6:37 "The ball falls into the hole " ~jelly 2020

    Muhammed BhoratMuhammed BhoratMånad sedan

    Nathaniel PeaseNathaniel PeaseMånad sedan
  • Poor crainer

    RebecaRebecaMånad sedan
  • Crainer I'm a fan of your

    Keith scarKeith scarMånad sedan
  • Drainer didn’t do anything except jumping of the island 🌴

    Ziad HekilZiad HekilMånad sedan
    • And gardening

      Ziad HekilZiad HekilMånad sedan
  • I think crainer has jelly's height

    Speedy 1919Speedy 1919Månad sedan
  • crainer.. you did a copywrite

    Louis_JamLouis_JamMånad sedan
  • I like when the tree falls down looks like a real life falling tree

    simon the king Gonzagasimon the king GonzagaMånad sedan
  • This is the vidio there slogo and crainer helps eachother and jelly is sellfish

    Ning WengNing WengMånad sedan
  • Human fall flat mobile don't have that map

    Asterio ReyesAsterio ReyesMånad sedan
  • Crainer is like me

    GemelGemelMånad sedan
  • This made me laughed so much hahahhahaha -jj

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  • All I wanted to say is Happy Advanced Christmas Everybody :)

    B.I.M. Beks PlaysB.I.M. Beks PlaysMånad sedan
  • You did a great job watering the plant Nature thanks you

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  • Join Jelly's skyblock server

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  • I mean 13:45

    Sonam ChekeySonam ChekeyMånad sedan
  • At 14:26 takes crainers head

    Sonam ChekeySonam ChekeyMånad sedan
  • this is why i. don't like jelly and slogo because they are so rude to Crainer they are the worst friends for Crainer and they said to Crainer we don't care that us so rude and they liad to Crainer that they we're going to wait to Crainer but they didn't :(

    Trinity laridaTrinity laridaMånad sedan
  • 😁

    Nathi NgwenaNathi NgwenaMånad sedan
  • Are Jelly and Josh your only friends I can be your friend

    Nathi NgwenaNathi NgwenaMånad sedan
  • Josh has three diamonds in a secret place behind the tree in turtle town

    Amanda RampleyAmanda RampleyMånad sedan
    • Lol

      Amanda RampleyAmanda RampleyMånad sedan
  • Loving the human fall flat content and all the others

    Geoffrey WillemsenGeoffrey WillemsenMånad sedan
  • insaid jis leic

    jose mirelesjose mirelesMånad sedan
  • 10:37 im sure those of you that are dirty minded know what this looks like

    Owen ROwen RMånad sedan
  • He has a 600 comments lol

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  • 7:39 not a kid’s channel

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  • love it very much

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  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooope

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  • U r the best SEworldr

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  • eh

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  • F jelly and josh

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  • yeet

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  • crainer make a vlog with slogo and jelly plz

  • I am Unsubing jelly an josh

  • None of them are smaller :/

    Claire JeyesClaire JeyesMånad sedan
  • I want them to play Nintendo games

    Hylian GamerHylian GamerMånad sedan
  • Jelly was actually supporting Crainer a lot TBH and Josh was just liek savage over both of em

    Milo BlazeMilo BlazeMånad sedan
  • BOO

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  • 1st

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  • Omg so big!!😱

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  • That tree is weried really weired in 10:45

    A GamingA GamingMånad sedan
  • Nobody: Crainer: tries to pee on tree to make it grow

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  • Could you make a series on identity v

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  • Jelly said to spam your comments telling you to join his skyblock

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  • Jelly said to spam your comments telling you to join his skyblock

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  • Jelly said to spam your comments telling you to join his skyblock

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  • Josh and Jelly is so mean what about helping or wating for crainer

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  • Crainer is the the man the mith the checkpoint legend 😂

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  • Crainer jelly has turtle town right jelly build a tax office your episode right

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  • Fun fact crainer's height = jelly's height

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  • Hi

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  • The little is my Friends are small but i see jelly normal size so that means hes as small as you can get

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  • I really dont like jelly cuz he is like the king he done nothing while josh and cranier are his servants like yo wut the heck jelly

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  • The 3rd winner is crainer

    Mitzi Lou MadrangcaMitzi Lou MadrangcaMånad sedan
  • Slogoman always winning

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  • Jelly always say crainer

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