23 dec 2020
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  • The best one is crainer

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  • Josh

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  • 3:37 what's up crainer what's up jelly!!

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  • Jelly

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  • Cool submarine Crainer

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  • Crainer submarine

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  • Crainer is the best wish him luck

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  • Crainer

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  • Credit was the best I saw the new summer rainon Quavo cop video but yours is still cool yours is cooler than Cavu club and others

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  • crainer play baldi

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  • Ooooooooooohhhhh Crainer you’re from Denmark I forgot I’m from Norway Crainer yayyy the 2 best countries in the world

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  • You win

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  • Crainer is better not slogo and jelly

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  • I lived in Danmark for 5 years now I live in Iceland and I’m 11 years old

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  • crainer submarine is cool

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  • slogos was the best no disrespect

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  • Happy Christmas

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    • Crainster

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  • You

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  • Jelly won bucoase I like green

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  • i luve urw video

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  • The way he doesn’t know where he’s submarine is but he finds

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  • Hahahah his mause

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  • Definitely I think it is crainer

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  • Hey does anybody remember about the crazy family about when you try to get in to the only one players world

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  • Let's get Crainer's channel to 7M subscribers

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  • Crainer request game: among us mod

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  • Merry Christmas 🎄☃️

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  • merry Cristmas Crainer

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  • Slogo!!!--

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  • Gta

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  • Go drained

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  • Every time Josh says " never mind ", you know he's done something. Usually at Crainer's expense! Aww poor Crainer.

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  • hi crainer iv been watching you for 5 years now gongrats on getting so far love the content good job keep going

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  • Yes I do good times

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  • crainer 100% won

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  • Crainer pls play gta

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  • GTA

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  • Do more trailmakers

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  • Merry Christmas crainer

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  • Merry Christmas honey/Crainer lol

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  • Merry Christmas crainer

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  • You should play zooba it a very fun gamr

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    • And if you need device for the game you can ask me

      The pro Gamer canal 4537The pro Gamer canal 453728 dagar sedan

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  • Guys I just found out something which crainer regrets He dropped out of school but look at him now he always wanted to be a comedian

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  • Cipbate

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  • Can you say dude or girls and boy

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  • Hej det er jul i dag jeg er fra Danmark

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  • Do the old theme so

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  • I remember when you had pink hair

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  • i dont like jelly jerk

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  • Merry Christmas crainer

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  • And carine can you play more fortnite

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  • Merry xmas crainer

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  • I don't like jelly he's a bed guy in gta5

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  • Carine I now your real name

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  • He supported yu when yu were broke

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  • Crainer you win.

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  • Play more dauntless

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  • Pls bro u play the freefire pls

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  • Ja Danmark kommer på crainer

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  • I like joshes one better all tho I am a crainer fan well Josh u r welcome

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  • Merry Christmas crainer I love you!!❤️

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