BABY SLOGO + FLAMETHROWER = Bad Idea! (Who's Your Daddy 2.0)

12 jan 2021
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BABY SLOGO + FLAMETHROWER = Bad Idea! (Who's Your Daddy 2.0)
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  • Crainer 2021:Blaaa BUT CHICKEN 🍗

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  • at 1:53 hes doing the wap

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  • You fat jelly Tod me bam jelly

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  • It was so funny when Josh was super fast

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  • 0:44 his hand extended like it was plastic

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  • I'm bringing this vids rn

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  • 3:20 Jelly: A GO GO GA GA GA

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  • 1:30 Jelly: I’m gonna shoot my dad.

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  • I love it when crainer shouts AHHHHHH JOSH AHHHHHH

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  • 5:57 😱

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  • 3:59 OMG. Hahahhahahah

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  • Slogo iso funny his face in dad so funny😂😂😂😂

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  • Crainer:drink IT dish soap

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  • 2:06 the game's broke or crainer is doin it😂

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  • When he got shot by the ball blaster and he's on the floor🤣

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  • Crainer being nice with his friends in the intro

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  • The boys and I, ye kweblekop, jelly and Slogo not you 😐😑😐

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  • Me + Remote= *ePik mIncRafT mOmeNt* Crafting Table:Tnt around remote Epic:) Wow an Atomic Bomb Remote I want to use it! *boom boom B) *

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  • bruh the headshots tho lol

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  • hey crazier there's a new map cuoid airship map coming in 2021 in among us

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  • Yeah it’s nice and simple to use ya it’s ok no worries it’s ok but it’s not good for me the kids are doing well ALHAMDULILAH was a nice night out there was no food

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  • I just find it quite funny when he threw random stuff at slogo and jelly. It looks as if it is something you would normally do it.

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  • The way how crainer goes on his knees as a dad and the way he walks

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  • only 15k people wanted to jelly, and slogo safe🤣🤣

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  • Omg lol I thought this was made ages ago

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  • Ohhh im so loloooonely

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  • Crainer go play cooking simulator

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  • Why dose josh look do much cuter

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  • Love you CRAINER You are the best

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  • I think they just abandoned the tt - turtle town

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  • hello i really want more turtle town (crainer city) and skyblock

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  • Josh is so cute

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  • Hi crainer I am a fan you are 0iq

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  • Call of DooDoo: Advanced PooPoo

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  • what up my 25 year old man

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  • jou ar so funie

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  • DNF

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  • If u can (can u try to brink more GMOD prop hunt) 👀

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  • Wow who new that a baby is more responsible than the dad

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  • You guys are mean to jelly

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  • Green actually jelly and Josh they have another friend it's called quaver Cup this is part 2 of me missing my bike trainer

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  • This is what was Josh and jelly and crainer actually is Josh and jelly Josh and jelly the name is I will but it I'm sorry I'm going to tell you next time Pizza Hut Carina

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  • baby slogo+flamthrower=GREAT IDEA! :D

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  • slogo became a zombie when he ate jelly

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  • The 2.0 version is way funnier because it's glitch.

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  • crainer best baby

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  • Baby Slogo looks like happy death day

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  • crainer the best dad

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  • Slogo/josh is a cannibal dad

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  • Y does slogo/Josh has a hat that looks like balloon boy from five nights at freddy's 2

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  • Y don't u just go with mom and hire a baby sitter to handle this?

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  • こんにちは私の名前は志度ですそして私はあなたのチャンネルが甘やかされて育ったガキが嫌いですそして私はあなたがとても嫌いです

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  • Crainer can you play Pokemon game

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  • This is dark

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  • This is what happens when the government uses Mr Fantastics DNA to make a family of supers. Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Hug her class.I didn't

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  • i love how josh is bigger than jelly, jelly is real smaller than josh even in a game and of how crainer twerk at the floor

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