Becoming YOUNGER And YOUNGER In Minecraft!

4 dec 2020
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Playing Minecraft AS A BABY!
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  • I love Chuckie

    Ashley FuentesAshley Fuentes26 dagar sedan
  • Fury’s

    Landon FishburnLandon FishburnMånad sedan
  • crainer: today we are becoming kids doctor: uhh miss theres something wrong with your kid hes made out of plastic

    Zair Fugon GarayZair Fugon GarayMånad sedan
  • What does age have to do with chucks?

    Kai YoKai YoMånad sedan
  • Me waiting for crainer to post the Vid when Josh gave them a gift in jellys server

    Davian LawsonDavian LawsonMånad sedan
  • I love your vids 😊😊

    Lillyanna FloresLillyanna FloresMånad sedan
  • crainer jelly started a skyblock series

    Walter GustoWalter GustoMånad sedan
  • I love your videos

    DJ BahrnsDJ BahrnsMånad sedan
  • Hello Crainer jelly troll you of turtle town jelly steel your diamond on secret base be careful trap

    Ejay ocayEjay ocayMånad sedan
  • Nice video!

    John TonyJohn TonyMånad sedan
  • and why did he say they were cute? they were DEFIANTLY not cute.

    Ashley BilledeauAshley BilledeauMånad sedan
  • i open the video and espected them to be toddlers or something but their chucky....why crainer.

    Ashley BilledeauAshley BilledeauMånad sedan
  • Super close

    carmelo malavegacarmelo malavegaMånad sedan
  • *i love how he just said "u know that baby guy with a knife"*

    Francis Eric NallaFrancis Eric NallaMånad sedan
  • 6:29 Everyones worst nightmare.

    Jath EstoqueJath EstoqueMånad sedan
  • Crainer

    AV LeeAV LeeMånad sedan
  • I am concerned for Crianer

  • You can become Pennywise🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️💀💀

    Alyssa SeaichAlyssa SeaichMånad sedan
  • When Does this video begin?

    Sharlyrose93Sharlyrose93Månad sedan
  • thats scary man why you make this video whata hell

    abdullah 1234abdullah 1234Månad sedan
  • I thought u would sleep in the never

    Taylor GoodmanTaylor GoodmanMånad sedan
  • K can not Join yoyr chanul it cost monny i have no monny

    Laura BeesleyLaura BeesleyMånad sedan
  • crainer slogo has a chest with diamonds on the left slide of his house in a pond and has other goodes

    Sweaty WokenSweaty WokenMånad sedan
  • React to your draw your life video on the SEworld channel called draw their life

    Hydar HamkaHydar HamkaMånad sedan
  • 3:05

    Eli BurdickEli BurdickMånad sedan
  • The screen at 3.05 is so creepy

    Benjamin LevinBenjamin LevinMånad sedan

      Eli BurdickEli BurdickMånad sedan
  • Crainerrrr!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Florie LaborFlorie LaborMånad sedan
  • How else are you gana get

    Ma.dolores ErodiasMa.dolores ErodiasMånad sedan
  • Jelly looks scary when he pulls out the knife

    Lorna CalmaLorna CalmaMånad sedan
  • Crainer can't you make a series with jelly and slogo there you guys have to survive chucky's house

    Bruh_ Gamer__Bruh_ Gamer__Månad sedan
  • Do a hide and seek with chucky

    Jai Ellul-stephensJai Ellul-stephensMånad sedan
  • What does that have anything to do with the title?

    ThrillThrillMånad sedan
  • Have you seen the chucky movie it's a killer doll

    jesus Bardajejesus BardajeMånad sedan
  • Little

    mark anthony peraltamark anthony peraltaMånad sedan
  • Hello Everyone I just wanted to say thank you for getting him to 6 . 85 M Subscribers!

    Eduardo ZayasEduardo ZayasMånad sedan
  • Crainer Slogo had secret base in camp in his house

    Victoriano CapiralVictoriano CapiralMånad sedan
  • Chucky is a killer

    Basim TouqanBasim TouqanMånad sedan
  • Crainer you want to square up buddy wanna square up 2:27

    Syncere ColemanSyncere ColemanMånad sedan
  • BrUh :D

    xxcharlockxxxxcharlockxxMånad sedan
  • Who just watched crainers venting upload and is watching this again

    Lulu ArsamLulu ArsamMånad sedan
  • I know Chucky the little nightmare

    Mayra HernandezMayra HernandezMånad sedan
  • What's the styled old movies do you know Chucky movies that you can know how he talks what are those real mask cuz it's 20 20

    Dorian trowersDorian trowersMånad sedan
  • I didn't see any change for Jelly when he turned to Chucky

    Daft_punk GuyManuelDaft_punk GuyManuelMånad sedan
  • Skyblock skyblock

    Bijay LamaBijay LamaMånad sedan
  • And yes I have a SEworld channel it is 30 million subs so yeah wassup josh

  • I think the title should be checking out chaky powers

  • "''Any school and college students here""🥰

    Electro WingsElectro WingsMånad sedan
  • I Love Crazy Crainer

    Dragon GirlDragon GirlMånad sedan
  • Can you Slogo and Jelly do another fortnite video

    Ryan DiltsRyan DiltsMånad sedan
  • Say we're friends into the end and laugh

    Thomas AustinThomas AustinMånad sedan
  • Say we're friends into the end cleaner that was Chucky say

    Thomas AustinThomas AustinMånad sedan
  • chokability

    Arik Ad DeenArik Ad DeenMånad sedan
  • 🤔 why haven't you subscribed yet do it now to show your support

    Deshun CampbellDeshun CampbellMånad sedan
  • This is how chucky say it my name is chucky do you want to play

    Nickoy WilliamsNickoy WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Chucky is one of the scariest dolls

    Nickoy WilliamsNickoy WilliamsMånad sedan
  • 4:18 that's me seeing my Bestfriend after the CoronaVirus😅😅 | | | | hIs FaCe 😬☹️😪🤧👽🦠

    Pacia FamPacia FamMånad sedan
  • 3:05 Oh Gosh! That was scary 😬😬💀

    Pacia FamPacia FamMånad sedan
  • 😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Sasidharreddy PuttareddygariSasidharreddy PuttareddygariMånad sedan
  • No please noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!🥺😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺😭😭😭😭😭

    Greyson RichardsonGreyson RichardsonMånad sedan
  • Yay legend mod stuff

    Kareshma ParthabKareshma ParthabMånad sedan
  • :(

    Shashi SainiShashi SainiMånad sedan
  • Cool

    vin kouwenbergvin kouwenbergMånad sedan
  • We dont entertain who does entertain in this video like

    Md MostakimMd MostakimMånad sedan
  • I am at home and I just saw your video and then flushed down my cat down the toilet.

    ItsMeAdityaItsMeAdityaMånad sedan
  • Thumbnail=lie

    Wessel Op de BeekWessel Op de BeekMånad sedan
  • Why does the title not match the video?

    Irene LimIrene LimMånad sedan
  • Why is the golem taking knockback

    Rommel TaglayRommel TaglayMånad sedan
  • You say is younger and younger vid. But this a chucky vid you LIER

    Music StudiosMusic StudiosMånad sedan
  • Part 2 pls

    John Leonard MendozaJohn Leonard MendozaMånad sedan
  • Hii...

    Jeanne NuyteJeanne NuyteMånad sedan
  • That’s a killer toy Play as Jason

    Thet Mar ZinThet Mar ZinMånad sedan
  • Iron golem have a 20 health

    GameofAki.27GameofAki.27Månad sedan
  • pls do jason next

    Romeo-Gaius KitselRomeo-Gaius KitselMånad sedan
  • Play as super mario next time

    Sakis tubeSakis tubeMånad sedan
  • Chuckie is not for kids and im scared of him 😀😊😯😕😦😥😨😰😱😲😵

    Lorena AranaLorena AranaMånad sedan
    • Becouse i was still 5year old and chuckie is 18+

      Lorena AranaLorena AranaMånad sedan
    • Hahahahha scardy cat boooooiiiii

      joel maganggojoel maganggoMånad sedan
  • Chucky? I thought it is choco milk...........

    [-Katsuki Izumi-][-Katsuki Izumi-]Månad sedan
  • Play over cooked!2

    Aslam SheikhAslam SheikhMånad sedan
  • its a doll bro not baby calling him baby makes me trigger so much

  • Did any one Here jelly say I want to be small like chunky but he is already small lol

    jacob Hickmottjacob HickmottMånad sedan
    • excuse me can we get boost for his seat plz for jacob. eh

      Kate SpadeKate SpadeMånad sedan
  • Can u slogo and jelly become penny wise

    C18015052 SHAARVESHWARAN .GC18015052 SHAARVESHWARAN .GMånad sedan
  • Play as peniwise

    Ganga Devi ShresthaGanga Devi ShresthaMånad sedan
  • Why us no one talking about the title....

    Cielo LagmanCielo LagmanMånad sedan
  • I’m Chucky hahahahahahahah

    C18015052 SHAARVESHWARAN .GC18015052 SHAARVESHWARAN .GMånad sedan
  • He sounds different then I remember

    Jordan HemmrichJordan HemmrichMånad sedan
  • Be jason voorhees pkz

    Oyuntuya BOyuntuya BMånad sedan
  • 2:53 is so funny Try it

    Jzmiel EstradaJzmiel EstradaMånad sedan
  • 0:00 Playing with Josh

    Jump-Man's cloneJump-Man's cloneMånad sedan
    • Did you even watch it yet?

      Jump-Man's cloneJump-Man's cloneMånad sedan
    • ? He always play with josh

      FlyHigh GamingFlyHigh GamingMånad sedan
  • 2:36 josh:*goes upstairs like a baby*

    Joy PabelloJoy PabelloMånad sedan
  • I'm scared of Chucky

    Jan Ejia EmpamanoJan Ejia EmpamanoMånad sedan
  • Become penny wise

    Nora IglesiasNora IglesiasMånad sedan
  • i know

    Kendra HernandezKendra HernandezMånad sedan
  • Finally in11 hour😅😅😅

    Shyam TimsinaShyam TimsinaMånad sedan
  • At the first vid crainer said Chuckie And i thought that was the choco drink

    Joross AlbosJoross AlbosMånad sedan
  • i agree people:ow josh:owowow

    Shaka's PalaceShaka's PalaceMånad sedan
  • Crainer: I don't think we can turn into furries Me: I hope not

    Joseph CarvalhoJoseph CarvalhoMånad sedan
  • I met a kid that looks like chucky

    Daniel SDaniel SMånad sedan
  • chuky doesn't say anything bro

    Vince Vince 31Vince Vince 31Månad sedan
  • Younger and younger. Younger and younger what

    Darrian RoopnarineDarrian RoopnarineMånad sedan
  • Why is the title something different from the video

    Gary HoustonGary HoustonMånad sedan
  • Why is the title different from the video?

    Slasher 7532Slasher 7532Månad sedan