23 dec 2020
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  • Pause at 0:14

    ThatTheaterGeekThatTheaterGeek2 timmar sedan
  • Mr floaty is slogoman I watch him do it. Your stuff is in along line from the chest for the mob farm . Jelly's stuff and all the lava and water is there

    Charmain FindlayCharmain Findlay7 timmar sedan
  • it. Is. Sogo man

    Riley AguinaldoRiley AguinaldoDag sedan
  • SLOGO!!!!!!!!!! seen his vid on it

    The Galactic HuzzahThe Galactic HuzzahDag sedan
  • aef no aidija who is mr floti🚺🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

    WarGod FortniteWarGod FortniteDag sedan
  • Slogoman is mt flote

    Osvaldo MendezOsvaldo Mendez3 dagar sedan
  • slogo put your resourses far from the islands

    H masterH master3 dagar sedan
  • Mr floaty is Slogo he stored the liquids on a secret island

    Sumit KumarSumit Kumar4 dagar sedan
  • Kraner jelly hot head are you and some something else and now in the mud generator

    Aryanna HernandezAryanna Hernandez6 dagar sedan
  • 😎😎😎😀😀😀😁😁😁

    Rayan AliRayan Ali6 dagar sedan
  • Josh is mr floaty

    Ari Van De VyverAri Van De Vyver6 dagar sedan
  • man Mr floaty is Jelly

    Ahmed Imran KhalidAhmed Imran Khalid7 dagar sedan
    • no sorry it is actually slogo

      Ahmed Imran KhalidAhmed Imran Khalid7 dagar sedan
  • its slogo man watch hos video

    killerprogamimg3.0killerprogamimg3.07 dagar sedan
  • its josh

    Noor Hafizah SamsudinNoor Hafizah Samsudin7 dagar sedan
  • and Jelly has 55 iron in your dirt chest hiding spot!

    Avantika AgarwalAvantika Agarwal8 dagar sedan
  • Crainer, Slogo is behind Mr. Floaty

    Avantika AgarwalAvantika Agarwal8 dagar sedan
  • i think its slogo

    Candace Jumento animeCandace Jumento anime8 dagar sedan
  • josh is mr floaty

    AdnanFlipDudeAdnanFlipDude8 dagar sedan
  • Slogo is mr floaty an your liquids are on a island find it

    abhijeet gawandeabhijeet gawande9 dagar sedan
  • Crainer..... Josh is “Mrs Floaty”

    Riana GeorgiadiRiana Georgiadi9 dagar sedan
    • You snitch😂😂😂😂😂

      Bryan HernandezBryan Hernandez7 dagar sedan
  • Mr. Floatie is Josh

    Hunters ChannelHunters Channel10 dagar sedan
  • Jelly has some iron in the mob spawned where he hid your dirt

    I’m JazzingI’m Jazzing10 dagar sedan
  • slogo

    Giro 1634Giro 163410 dagar sedan
  • Crainer jelly is hiding 55 iron in the mob grinder were he hid your dirt

    Why ManWhy Man10 dagar sedan
    • Yes he is

      Avantika AgarwalAvantika Agarwal8 dagar sedan

    Milk_tea_berriesMilk_tea_berries10 dagar sedan
  • Mr foaty is slogoman

    Chase MaughanChase Maughan11 dagar sedan
  • Josh took your stuff you just need to build out near the mob farm AkA I saw it in his video

    Shannen ColeShannen Cole11 dagar sedan
  • It’s solgo

    Controller BoysController Boys11 dagar sedan
  • Don’t do that I don’t like you when you’re trapping logo

    Anne FitzAnne Fitz12 dagar sedan
  • slogo

    Abdul Rahman ShareefAbdul Rahman Shareef12 dagar sedan
  • Crainer it is Sligo aka josh

    Seth BauSeth Bau12 dagar sedan
  • 2:27 For a second I thought crainer found the liquids lol (If you know what I mean)

    Wing DominusWing Dominus13 dagar sedan
  • slogo is Mr Floaty

    Dimitris KaragrigoriouDimitris Karagrigoriou13 dagar sedan
  • It's slogo I think

    Dimitris KaragrigoriouDimitris Karagrigoriou13 dagar sedan
  • Mr. Floaty was SLOGO. He put the fluids so far away from the mob grinder. You just have to build a path behind the chest.

    JoshVincent CardenoJoshVincent Cardeno13 dagar sedan
  • Slogo is Mr floaty

    Gez HornsbyGez Hornsby14 dagar sedan
  • I think Johs have Bin stiling ditt over 2 stacks

    Alvar NilsenAlvar Nilsen14 dagar sedan
  • Probably Josh

    Triple GamerTriple Gamer14 dagar sedan
  • Josh is mr floty

    SynneSNord NordhagenSynneSNord Nordhagen14 dagar sedan
  • Slogo did it

    Anahita ArminAnahita Armin15 dagar sedan
  • it is josh who is mr. foalty maybe

    PR PlayzPR Playz15 dagar sedan
  • It slogo

    Wesley AnslowWesley Anslow15 dagar sedan
  • LOL! What kind of a Magic Spell is that? 5:25

    Game-ZGame-Z15 dagar sedan
  • 4:34 nice job editor

    William McArdleWilliam McArdle15 dagar sedan
  • Crainer Slogo has hidden the liquids off a island far away from the skyblock island

    John FieldingJohn Fielding16 dagar sedan
  • It is Sligo he did it

    Nicola CoyleNicola Coyle16 dagar sedan
  • Slogo

    Berry NinaBerry Nina16 dagar sedan
  • Sligo is Mr Floaty

    Berry NinaBerry Nina16 dagar sedan
  • Crainer I know who mr. Floating is it is Josh

    Ethan GarrisonEthan Garrison17 dagar sedan
  • jelly

    Angie JoeAngie Joe17 dagar sedan
  • Sligo toke it behind the mob farm

    Shane HumbkeShane Humbke17 dagar sedan
  • slogo is mrfloaty

    RE CrOOTRE CrOOT17 dagar sedan
  • I actually have watched slogomans video he is Mr floaty

    Vicki CheeserightVicki Cheeseright17 dagar sedan
  • Mr floaty is josh

    Ben and TalBen and Tal17 dagar sedan
    • Sorry josh for snitching

      Ben and TalBen and Tal17 dagar sedan
  • Me.Floaty is slogo Like if u agree

    Ruby BugattiRuby Bugatti17 dagar sedan
  • That was josh

    Jef Harvey BaldelomarJef Harvey Baldelomar18 dagar sedan
  • Mrfloaty is josh

    Fun JailbreakFun Jailbreak18 dagar sedan
  • Mr Floaty is Jelly

    Matt JonesMatt Jones18 dagar sedan
  • This troll is awsome I wanna do it to my friends

    FRANK OWUSUFRANK OWUSU18 dagar sedan
  • is slogo

    David Ronald RamosDavid Ronald Ramos18 dagar sedan
  • Just saw your water and he saw your fire to is George

    BCCBCC18 dagar sedan
  • Mr floaty is slogo

    Red ReXXxRed ReXXx19 dagar sedan
  • yo crainer i cant believe it

    Larry CharlesLarry Charles19 dagar sedan
  • -4:38

    CusterJrCusterJr19 dagar sedan
  • It is jelly

    Derek CarrilesDerek Carriles19 dagar sedan
  • crainer can you burn down jelly's house and slugman's house down too?

    Nikolai DelgadilloNikolai Delgadillo19 dagar sedan
  • Mr floaty is josh

    Marcus Dean EstanislaoMarcus Dean Estanislao19 dagar sedan
  • Mr floaty is josh

    Anthony hernandezAnthony hernandez19 dagar sedan
  • Slogo is Mr.floaty I watched his video....

    matt amthormatt amthor20 dagar sedan
  • Sligo is mr.floaty

    Bianca PatelBianca Patel20 dagar sedan
  • Somebody plzz report crainer Cecile they are too addictive 😆

    neon gamerneon gamer20 dagar sedan
  • Mr floaty aka Slogo

    Massimo CastrechiniMassimo Castrechini20 dagar sedan
  • its josh ! ps watch there vds

    Thomas CarrilloThomas Carrillo20 dagar sedan
  • Hint :Mr floaty is a slug

    AphygotcookieAphygotcookie20 dagar sedan
  • Dear crainer mr floaty is your friend josh

    Pranav GhaiPranav Ghai20 dagar sedan
  • crainer love cobleston

    kerri cranekerri crane20 dagar sedan
  • Joah is mr floaty he kept ur lava nd water in the far part in the tuff

    Junfan Addy ZHAOJunfan Addy ZHAO20 dagar sedan
  • It is Josh trust me

    Blake ReddenBlake Redden20 dagar sedan
  • It’s josh

    Monstrosity MonsterMonstrosity Monster20 dagar sedan
  • Sligo is floaty go to you tree farm and build out really far

    Archie StevensArchie Stevens20 dagar sedan
  • Says you don't see Mr floaty so he doesn't exist me says you don't see your brain so your brain doesn't exist

    Kirsty ElmoreKirsty Elmore20 dagar sedan
  • i know hu mr floty am but im not going to tell u LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!!!!!!!

    Rutger PelveRutger Pelve20 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Iconlconl VelezIconlconl Velez20 dagar sedan
  • Slogo

    Richard FinchRichard Finch20 dagar sedan
  • Crainer slogo stool your lucids and it is away lonnnnnnnnng away look on slogos videos and you will see

    Melquisedec MaldonadoMelquisedec Maldonado20 dagar sedan
  • Mr floaty is Josh

    Ronnie MelvinRonnie Melvin20 dagar sedan
  • Behind you Josh for the water source

    neda honeyneda honey20 dagar sedan
  • Josh is MR Floaty

    Trica DawsonTrica Dawson20 dagar sedan
  • You helped Slogo

    GamingChannel 123GamingChannel 12320 dagar sedan
  • Slogo is Mr.floaty

    Shane IsiangShane Isiang20 dagar sedan
  • Mr Floaty is Josh

    Prannav GopinathPrannav Gopinath20 dagar sedan
  • I think jelly is mr floaty

    Justin WrightJustin Wright20 dagar sedan
  • josh is mr.floaty

    dogey dreamsdogey dreams21 dag sedan
    • Yes

      GamingChannel 123GamingChannel 12320 dagar sedan
  • Slogo did it

    HR - 04OC 834993 SouthFields Village PSHR - 04OC 834993 SouthFields Village PS21 dag sedan
  • Think: If "Mr. Floaty" put signs on everyone's house then "Mr. Floaty" is smart. Who is smart Jelly or Josh?

    NathonatronNathonatron21 dag sedan
    • josh

      Dylan_5739Dylan_573919 dagar sedan
  • :(

    TMM _GodOfWeebsTMM _GodOfWeebs21 dag sedan
  • Josh is mr floaty

    Aprill LaneAprill Lane21 dag sedan
  • Slogo is Mr Floaty but he put the signs to himself as well because then it is very easy to find out. Love your content:)

    Maggie, Xiaoyong XuMaggie, Xiaoyong Xu21 dag sedan
    • snitch

      A_Man_Utd_FanA_Man_Utd_Fan18 dagar sedan
  • Mr flotty is slogo

    Nicole SchwuchowNicole Schwuchow21 dag sedan
  • he is Slogoman

    Marek OlenMarek Olen21 dag sedan