29 nov 2020
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  • You need a new cape!

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  • I need more of these videos

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  • Is this ghostbusters

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    • No well I don’t know?

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  • مرحبا

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  • Ghostbustersl

    BrodyYeah yeah sorry one the phone RevellBrodyYeah yeah sorry one the phone RevellMånad sedan
  • Look at 0:43

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  • Yo

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  • Yo

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  • LOL the ghosts are funny. They aren,t scary at all

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  • Je'll y 😢😢

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  • free gamming

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  • Hi it's Daymont ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Crainer did you brush your hair? Well your cool.

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  • Ghost hunter

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  • you always say the video will be creepy but it is not

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  • more more more more more more

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  • Hahaha you are really funny but where's thiea😎

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  • Josh, Jelly, and Crainer are the Ghostbusters lolololololololol. XDDDDDD

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  • Glhi

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  • Hello my crazy family!!! Who remember that is a true fan of crainer

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  • This is dramatically insane AWSOME

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  • Cariner I am your big not fan but jelly I love him

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  • I've seen real ghost :/

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  • I like mincraft

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  • Hi Crainer

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  • Crainer what's up Grandma

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  • Dont pay more diamond jelly just make that so he can get diamond

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  • And jelly burn your house slogo just give 1 diamond but you pay 2

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  • Jelly find your secret base in turtle town

    Angel John Love MercadoAngel John Love MercadoMånad sedan
  • When jelly says well I have 2 gosts in my box so mine is better I felt it like WEll I HavE 2 GoStS In MiNe So MiNe iS bEttER

    Narmada PatthiNarmada PatthiMånad sedan
  • Today's Morning I Was Having A Dream!In That Dream,I Was Playing With U Guys In Minecraft!I Learned You Guys To Sprint!And You Guys Believe That We BecomeFriends!I Am So Happy!But That Was Just A Dream:(!I Wanted To Became Friends With U:) ! Will It Be?I Guess?

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  • Hi creiner

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  • Who else want to see more hunter vs speedrunners? 👇 👇

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  • This mod is cool and awesome

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  • crainer can you play phasmophobia

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  • Hehzbxbbxx

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  • One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one owns them.

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  • Try do a build challenge

    Ricco SallisonRicco SallisonMånad sedan
  • Its so spoopy (spooky)

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  • Crainer Please Play Phasmophobia

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  • I tolled josh already

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  • Kraner you’re awesome😎

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  • Why do we never see crainer a tattos

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  • I think this was supposed to be posted a month ago

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  • :O:(

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  • Jelly burnt your house down

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  • are the ghosts in this videos boos from mario

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  • Hi crainer

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  • Hi

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  • That Is So Cool Crainer

  • Who thout he should have done it in October 👇 👇

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  • Awesome vid!

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  • When you put the signs down that you only put 2 diamonds in the tax office, Slogoman put only on but said he put three so your house got burnt. You NEED to TROLL Slogo.

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  • You know they are out of ideas when they start creating variants of already played mods.

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  • ghostbusters

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  • Bruh Sligo and jelly post the vide a month ago

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  • Mr cleaner it is not ghost it's Ghostbusters you get it hahaha

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  • ghost creepy!!!!😰

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  • Wait is Jelly a ghost I cant see him😱 oh wait nvm hes just really short 🤣

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    • Jelly is not short

      Brenda ArnettBrenda ArnettMånad sedan
    • Ooooooooo that was lame af

      [ Marique ][ Marique ]Månad sedan
  • jelly troll you, and josh whit text office of turtle town. BTW he found your secret base

    Tara ĐorđevićTara ĐorđevićMånad sedan
  • crener plz do more gosthunter like a litok sery

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  • play phasmophobia

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  • How do I join ur discord and all ur games like among us and more

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  • Hmm

    ZM - 02CT 889040 Dorset Drive PSZM - 02CT 889040 Dorset Drive PSMånad sedan
  • What do the other stuff do

    ZM - 02CT 889040 Dorset Drive PSZM - 02CT 889040 Dorset Drive PSMånad sedan
  • .....

    the horror arcade preductionsthe horror arcade preductionsMånad sedan
    • Jelly did this video first, yet somehow, he's done the kid video around now.

      the horror arcade preductionsthe horror arcade preductionsMånad sedan
  • They should call them selves Ghost buster 2.0

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  • I love your videos

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  • I got scared by looking at jellys face

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  • Hey Crainer you should make a song cuz jelly and kwebbelkop are did make a song and and slogoman I think it's going to make a song you should make a song to

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  • Are you from denmark

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  • Crainerbestyoutuberintheworld

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  • Play physimoniea

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  • Crainer, Jelly found your secret base

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  • All I can say is I watched it, I liked it, I love it!!

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  • Crainer the head of turtle Town Is not a turtle ITS jelly AND he knows about tour secret base

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  • Best sentence of the video: When i was young i was used to get scared of ghosts,AND NOW I WILL OWN THEM

    beast forever 5beast forever 5Månad sedan
    • Now I am scared

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    • :o

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    • @Mrdogswag 00:40

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    • @Jace Games lol I know

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    • Start of the video says that

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  • 1:27 pause the video and look at Crainer

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    • Good one

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    • Ha

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    • LOL

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    • Ok

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    • It's just funny And i pause Mha just for you...... Just waiting cuz I wanna sleep

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  • Play phasmaphbia

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  • Crainer jelly has know you secret base in turtle town!

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  • Crainer do you know that jelly did this video on the 15th of November

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    • Lol

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  • Here is an idea what you guys should try out police,firefighter,hospital,as an animal last one is a taxi

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  • Play the castle level with jelly and josh

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  • Jelly dumb

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    • Hi

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  • there are Ghostbusters haha

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  • Legends say josh is still crying

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    • Well legends are rigggg

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    • Lol

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  • Y

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  • Infinity crainer

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  • Its a fack video

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