11 dec 2020
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  • 1:14 not that cool,why is everyone like OMG when they get card swipe first try? That isn’t rare for me,like at least 90% of the time I get card swipe first try

    Rithik ProRithik Pro3 dagar sedan
  • It hurts my eyes loooking at him lol!

    Jeff JeffJeff Jeff7 dagar sedan
  • omg i love watching you crainer

    Lindsay StragierLindsay Stragier7 dagar sedan
  • Jelly sus

    Dawie BritzDawie Britz9 dagar sedan
  • Make a mod of everyone is crainer!!!!!!!!

    Ashley MarshallAshley Marshall11 dagar sedan
  • Make a mod of everyone is drainer!!!

    Ashley MarshallAshley Marshall11 dagar sedan
  • 3:50 LOL

    shaun dy lot of damgeshaun dy lot of damge13 dagar sedan
  • Crainer stay safe

    Kitty CharlieKitty Charlie15 dagar sedan
  • p

    Sam RossiSam Rossi15 dagar sedan
  • I always get swipe cord first try

    Ashley MarshallAshley Marshall17 dagar sedan
  • this face made me laugh 10:40

    Ziyad Shahin The HunterZiyad Shahin The Hunter17 dagar sedan
  • Ye Crainer

    Prince Jayden the VLOGPrince Jayden the VLOG17 dagar sedan
  • Crainer is the funniest youtuber I ever seen

    Hawkeye PranksHawkeye Pranks19 dagar sedan
  • Plzzzzz

    Drew Hefner AguilarDrew Hefner Aguilar20 dagar sedan
  • Hew make you clone plzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Drew Hefner AguilarDrew Hefner Aguilar20 dagar sedan
  • Jelly voted josh

    Pikmin 3 GamerPikmin 3 Gamer22 dagar sedan
  • happy birthday crainer the legend was born!!!!!

  • N m

    Michael WilliamsMichael Williams28 dagar sedan
  • happy birthday Crainer

    Yohaan VermaYohaan VermaMånad sedan
  • Oh maate u awwsome

    Sarah SorensenSarah SorensenMånad sedan
  • Hi

    Steven ArellanoSteven ArellanoMånad sedan
  • Crainer reported and he said who reported on third round

    Dumb FaceDumb FaceMånad sedan
  • Pls Subscribe to crainer

    Katarzyna RusinekKatarzyna RusinekMånad sedan
  • Jelly

    adair. exeadair. exeMånad sedan
  • Mmmeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyyu Christmas crainer

    JGameZJGameZMånad sedan
  • Jellyfish

    Riley HarveyRiley HarveyMånad sedan
  • Jelly

    Riley HarveyRiley HarveyMånad sedan
  • Isn't it his birthday this day

    Liam DrakeLiam DrakeMånad sedan
  • Me name is emma

    sillintassazzin23sillintassazzin23Månad sedan
  • You and Sligo ar friends

    Vincent DoyleVincent DoyleMånad sedan
  • 3:57 electrical is a nightmare

    DFPCraft-Minecraft beeDFPCraft-Minecraft beeMånad sedan
  • How did josh do a card swipe but he is an impostor right???

    Cristina TaralaCristina TaralaMånad sedan
  • You should do a mod that you can place bodies around

    gg ilumbagg ilumbaMånad sedan
  • 💛💛💛💛💛💛🧡

    TheGamingGeorge KBBTheGamingGeorge KBBMånad sedan
  • This is weerd

    TheGamingGeorge KBBTheGamingGeorge KBBMånad sedan
  • Right side 3rd down

    John LeeJohn LeeMånad sedan
  • 🥰😍

    Kacie GallagherKacie GallagherMånad sedan
  • Hi

    Usman FarooqUsman FarooqMånad sedan
  • It means all slogo unless the real slogo are imposters

    Nouraldeen YounesNouraldeen YounesMånad sedan
  • :D

    Rose BloomsRose BloomsMånad sedan
  • Lol that was so funny 😂🤣:P

    Rose BloomsRose BloomsMånad sedan
  • I mean slogo can vent cuz they era clones soo

    Richmond roy D. SorianoRichmond roy D. SorianoMånad sedan

    YaGirlAJYaGirlAJMånad sedan
  • jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly

    Whitney coleyWhitney coleyMånad sedan
  • Hi i am a tru crainer and the trio for ever

    Braxton RoweBraxton RoweMånad sedan
  • Kraner jelly wouldn’t Hollister

  • Give me your phone number

    Christina HarperChristina HarperMånad sedan
  • Who doesn’t like the content if u don’t whaaaat!

    Nathalie O'NeillNathalie O'NeillMånad sedan
  • ITS was jelly but he is a noob at dis game😎😎

    Leif Robin RiskaLeif Robin RiskaMånad sedan
  • I won

    Melissa MorrisseyMelissa MorrisseyMånad sedan
  • Common win.

    shadman razishadman raziMånad sedan
  • They should make jelly stay green and make half of the group look like slogo and the other half look like Crainer.

    Hungry slothHungry slothMånad sedan
  • It’s okay I bring card swipe when me eyes closed

    Ahmed AlTeneijiAhmed AlTeneijiMånad sedan
  • What a journey

    Anushree SharmaAnushree SharmaMånad sedan
  • Your AMANG us are the best AMANG us youtub 👍👍❤️❤️

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  • omg jely

    osman abdullah hamdaminosman abdullah hamdaminMånad sedan
  • so sossossoso fnny

    Mark Niño ArellanoMark Niño ArellanoMånad sedan
  • Crainer: AHHHHHH Jelly: AHHHHHH Josh: I’m fine with this

    Mason BlairMason BlairMånad sedan
  • Please reach Crainer 7m Subscribers 🥺🥺☹️

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    Youmna AmrYoumna AmrMånad sedan
  • NO

    Delgado PradaDelgado PradaMånad sedan
  • Visual should not be on and confuse jelly by say jelly was cleaning the vents it's fine he is a janitor

    Craft With MeriemCraft With MeriemMånad sedan
  • 2:07 Josh

    JOJO 2194JOJO 2194Månad sedan
  • Kidding

    Mohammed A M OsmanMohammed A M OsmanMånad sedan
  • You are not with that is it imposter up with you,the

    Mohammed A M OsmanMohammed A M OsmanMånad sedan
  • I all ways get fist time card swip

    Cool dude VideosCool dude VideosMånad sedan
  • Happybirth day crainer🥳🥳

    iris_graceeiris_graceeMånad sedan
  • Hiii

    MasonBaileyMasonBaileyMånad sedan
  • I have a bunch every day

    Lisa McNearneyLisa McNearneyMånad sedan
  • How about you play among us where the imposters can go invisible on its prey...

    gazy1294gazy1294Månad sedan
  • this is so cool where did you guys got the mods

    veronica Catamioveronica CatamioMånad sedan
  • nooooooooooooooo pop no

    家輝麥家輝麥Månad sedan
  • Wath if you play among us but all is crainers.

  • Josh is 1000iq

    Great GamerGreat GamerMånad sedan
  • Happy Birthday Crainer!!!! :)

    RichardRichardMånad sedan
  • Slogo:let me think Me:yeah josh went to school

    Athirah NawawiAthirah NawawiMånad sedan
  • I do card swipe first time everytime

    gerry n omargerry n omarMånad sedan
  • Happy Birthday Craner love you see I remember ❤️❤️❤️

    Abdul WajidAbdul WajidMånad sedan
  • Play among us guess who plss

    Amani & Aisy WorldAmani & Aisy WorldMånad sedan
  • Slogo is always top left

    Ralph playz MLRalph playz MLMånad sedan
  • Where did you get the mod

    Chhoeun KimleangChhoeun KimleangMånad sedan
  • I always got card swipe first time cuz its easy

    m.iskandar _12m.iskandar _12Månad sedan
  • It doesn't say sus

    lmw12286lmw12286Månad sedan
  • Fun fact Jelly is always the top right

    Bomb BlitzBomb BlitzMånad sedan
    • Well most of the time

      Bomb BlitzBomb BlitzMånad sedan
  • Hi huh

    Abby AdeoyeAbby AdeoyeMånad sedan
  • when josh was like I got swipe in one swipe I do that all the time

    Damaris AnzianiDamaris AnzianiMånad sedan
  • est DanTDM LOL

    Mr Gaming Mr GamingMr Gaming Mr GamingMånad sedan
  • Do a video with everybody is jelly

    the world's boss is methe world's boss is meMånad sedan
    • Plzzzzzz

      the world's boss is methe world's boss is meMånad sedan
  • Card swipe is ez

    Santino SandovalSantino SandovalMånad sedan
  • More mode

    Ignacio JuradoIgnacio JuradoMånad sedan
  • Jellys laugh scared me

    Amber CammAmber CammMånad sedan
  • Its jelly

    Bradnyel28 _GamerBradnyel28 _GamerMånad sedan
  • Rod,foqd,w🦊🤣🤗👍🦄👸🐽😂😂🐈🐱🐅🦌🦔🐹🐘🦅🦇🦇🐠🦖🐠🕷🐊🐚🐠🦈🌿

    Brandon LedouxBrandon LedouxMånad sedan
  • ❤️

    Jason BeckinghamJason BeckinghamMånad sedan
  • You

    Kai RobertsonKai RobertsonMånad sedan
  • 2:34 it’s jelly omg I love it when he’s imposter it’s always so funny 🌈 (Edit) I new he was imposter but he’s always imposter 🌈😂❤️

    Drews cringingDrews cringingMånad sedan
  • 🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸

    Marvin LeeMarvin LeeMånad sedan
  • In the middleBecause he has Mike and now knows these two have my

    Amat AljuhaimAmat AljuhaimMånad sedan
  • 5:59 brutal

    Telling SongByrd ASMR to stop making alt accountsTelling SongByrd ASMR to stop making alt accountsMånad sedan
  • Thatse bloody funny

    jason osuaforjason osuaforMånad sedan