31 dec 2020
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  • Crainer said bowling balls

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  • 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

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  • At 3:21 he did it at the right time no misses

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  • Drainer is actually getting good at gta

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  • Wow Crainer finally did something useful good job Crainer

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  • .

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  • Make a video of among us please crainer

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  • “You Lucky Thing” -Slogoman2021

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  • Trance catch this it's a bullet to your face

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  • Josh is a bully to crainer

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  • Jared Anthony higgins

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  • U know juice wrld

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  • speedrunner won

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  • You’re the best😀

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  • when jelly said" you son of a mom"i laugh so hard

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  • Crainer is definitely getting better at playing gta

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  • fast and furious cars!!!

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  • Happy new year crainer

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  • How Come I Never Noticed This Video Until Now And Do More Of Gta 5 Like This Please Don’t Do The Showcase Of The Vehicle

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  • First time seeing crainer being such a pro.

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  • Nooobbbbbb

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  • If you guys put subtitles at 9:57 you will see that it’s call Jelly is “Jellyfish” 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Is josh son of a mom jelly

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  • 6:26 that was cool

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  • Umm who else is a fan of fast and furious cause at the start he has a carfrom the movie paul walkers car in the movie he is called o conner or brian

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  • I think if I go to America I must find your location

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  • I recommend crainer .if he want's to win he should be in slogoman's team....

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  • Crainer THE SNIPING/SNIPER GOD Edit:which one do you like the most

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  • YAY!!!!Crainer you actually did good for once

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  • You are good but you aren't as good as Josh.

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  • Crainer I think you need some practice because most of the time you are throwing

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  • Jelly noob you pro

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  • I like ur cut g 6:42

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  • Jelly:you son of a mom Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • I Liked the video subscribe and tired on notifications and used code Crainer in fortnite item shop!!!👍

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  • Crainer was insane

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  • 7millllllllionnnnnn

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  • Happy new year crainer

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  • First ... First 1000

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  • i love your vids Crainer1422 your the best by watching your vids i can tell you will be a very sucessful youtuber i have been a big fan of you for years 6 to be exact i love all of your vids i am your biggest fan in the intire world!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Crainer happy new year but still he works alot

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  • This is a re-post eh

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  • Keep doing gta it is the best

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  • Happy New year

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  • Slogo and trance wins and that's what you get for going to the comments first XD

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  • out of curiosity, why dont these guys do long vids?

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  • crainster would you mind doing another vid with stormhawk or a vlog plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thx

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  • hey crainer i got the new PS5 :)

  • Crainer y don’t you watch you tubers ding because et hey make you sing

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  • happy new year

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  • Slogo is the best!

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  • Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Gang beasts has a new map

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  • I am a fan

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  • who else saw crainers face when jelly said son of a mom

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  • Crainer you hit 7.02M SUBCRIBERS

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  • HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • More GTA video's

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    • A lot more

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  • crainer can you do gta 6 with jelly,slogo,crainer and kwebbelop when it releases pls

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  • Hi

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  • How do you download these ?? I want to try them

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  • Happy new year

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  • Happy New Year crainer

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  • happy new year everyone!!!!!

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  • Bro i think crainer sing better then jelly and slogo

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  • My lovebird parrot loves watching you

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  • Happy new year 🥳

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  • The second round crainer r

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  • happy new year crainer love your videos:)

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  • Crainer carried jelly crainer op

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  • to everyone seeing this happy New year

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  • Happy new year 2021🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊

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  • 7mil and new year special vedio waiting here

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  • happy new years crainer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I hope2021 don't let me down

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  • Crainer for is 2021

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  • I love these videos crainer your all grown up

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  • happy new YEAR crainer,evevrybody and there family everybody stay good and safe

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  • I thought jelly was about to swore

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  • Happy new year all of you

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  • happy new years crainer

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  • DcfzKZ?Z!ku Jurassic Park my craft

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  • I gotta say your performance is shitty

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  • Happy new year 🥳

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  • Oops not drainer crainer

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  • This Was Crainer´s Final Video Of The Year and He Did Ok This Year got 2Millions Subs This Year

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  • good job I really thought you will never be good on gta

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  • Good job crainer you did a good job, and you even did better than JELLY

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