17 dec 2020
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  • Slime111

    Methuka InduwaraMethuka Induwara16 dagar sedan
  • 7:17 “IM A SPIDER!” “Spider dance starts playing”

    Cash PichCash Pich17 dagar sedan
  • Pig&slime

    Toheeb AdebisiToheeb Adebisi22 dagar sedan
  • Enfer man and slime

    Zelo AyoubiZelo Ayoubi22 dagar sedan
  • The slime

    Matt and Harry GamingMatt and Harry Gaming23 dagar sedan

    Wilee UFOWilee UFO25 dagar sedan
  • You should use this mod for runners vs hunterz

    Humberto Rojas Jr.Humberto Rojas Jr.27 dagar sedan
  • slim

    kalythebeastkalythebeast28 dagar sedan
  • I like the slime because it was bounsy

    Izzalden El MoubayedIzzalden El Moubayed28 dagar sedan
  • slime was my favorite

    Rylee GarrahieRylee Garrahie29 dagar sedan
  • 𝗔𝘄𝘄 𝗖𝗿𝗮𝗶𝗻𝗲𝗿 𝗸𝗶𝘀𝘀𝗲𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗺, 𝗦𝗼 𝗰𝘂𝘁𝗲.

    Mint Moon_Mint Moon_29 dagar sedan
  • Did you guys realize that only female chickens can lay eggs so you Guys are girls

    Leo HeLeo He29 dagar sedan
  • the reason that the pig is powrful is because of technoblade daa

    sophia bsophia bMånad sedan
  • The slime

    Isla SchilovIsla SchilovMånad sedan
  • I like the slime lne i think that's fun💛💛

    Lovely ChavezLovely ChavezMånad sedan
  • I love the PiG one 😂😂

    lemon squizlemon squizMånad sedan
  • Wait.....does anyone see wen crainer eat a cow there is a flowting grass in a water dude the place is cures by the way my fav is dragon and im year of the dragon bay bay crainster

    Maryjoie BoldoMaryjoie BoldoMånad sedan
  • The slime with my favorite

    Hosanna BlascoHosanna BlascoMånad sedan
  • Jelly: Why does the Chicken cross the road? Ramsy: cuz you did not f*cking cook it

    Kenneth NiñalgaKenneth NiñalgaMånad sedan
  • Forgive me but when Crainer said "why are you milking each other? " and when Jelly said "drink my milk" my fujoshi mind thinks of something else. Forgive me

    Choco MumpkinChoco MumpkinMånad sedan
  • slime

    Jorge LeyvaJorge LeyvaMånad sedan
  • The slime was gpod

    Muhammed ali AliMuhammed ali AliMånad sedan
  • enderman 100/5o

    haim akrichhaim akrichMånad sedan
  • My favourite is the slime

    Alex TempleAlex TempleMånad sedan
  • That not milk

    JLS133JLS133Månad sedan
  • Ender man is my favorite one that ir could teleport

    Jovita GamezJovita GamezMånad sedan
  • Slime

    annie sharmaannie sharmaMånad sedan
  • slime

    Kukkadapu KoteswaraoKukkadapu KoteswaraoMånad sedan
  • I wish you eat horse you get really fast⚡⚡⚡

    Amani & Aisy WorldAmani & Aisy WorldMånad sedan
  • What's your favorite mod

    KoolkatsKoolkatsMånad sedan
  • Enderman and slime are the best there

    Ragedroid playz96Ragedroid playz96Månad sedan
  • Honestly I'm surprised that they didn't go to the village and try to eat a villager

    Ravi RamanaRavi RamanaMånad sedan
  • eat a blaze rod!

    llMånad sedan
  • Enderman*

    Catelaya SimmonsCatelaya SimmonsMånad sedan
  • Slenderman was best XD and I have fly ride frost fury

    Catelaya SimmonsCatelaya SimmonsMånad sedan

    Maria MoldovanMaria MoldovanMånad sedan
  • Jelly

    Eyad AlhamakyEyad AlhamakyMånad sedan
  • My favorite was the zombie

    Chandra BhattaraiChandra BhattaraiMånad sedan
  • Slime

    MsAlicebunnyMsAlicebunnyMånad sedan
  • spider

    Raman AhmedRaman AhmedMånad sedan
  • U should have done a fish

    aanaas mohammedfasiuddinaanaas mohammedfasiuddinMånad sedan
  • the slime

    jeszicahraine Clarosjeszicahraine ClarosMånad sedan
  • Slime

    Jeanne GrayJeanne GrayMånad sedan
  • I like how Steve became Chinese in the intro

    Toxic TutorialsToxic TutorialsMånad sedan
  • 3:05 Crainer is Poultry Man confirmed

    Mapleclaw 12Mapleclaw 12Månad sedan
  • Slogo:why are the pig so deadly?? My brain:Because Jelly is deadly

    vaughn leinard crudovaughn leinard crudoMånad sedan
  • the enderman was soo funney to going up hahahhahaha

  • I liked elderman and slime and i love crainers face

    Kashyap ThakkarKashyap ThakkarMånad sedan
  • Soo we're not gonna talk bout the flying grass 1:06

    Jsush HfhfjenJsush HfhfjenMånad sedan

    Joby PaulJoby PaulMånad sedan
  • pigs are deadly cause they are related to technoblade

    mr microblastermr microblasterMånad sedan
  • how bout zombie? : (

  • Slime is best

    Dsew KilmerDsew KilmerMånad sedan
  • da slime is so fun

    Daniel Clint NochefrancaDaniel Clint NochefrancaMånad sedan
  • when jelly became a pig Crainer :nothing changed

    Thomas P SabuThomas P SabuMånad sedan
  • It would have been awesome of they ate a villager 😂😂😂👍

    Stranger AvengeStranger AvengeMånad sedan
  • slime

    S NoS NoMånad sedan
  • The slime

    Dennis AguilarDennis AguilarMånad sedan
  • enderdragon

    Helen ChuaHelen ChuaMånad sedan
  • What if i told u that was not a cow milk

    CUZZ gaming RodriguezCUZZ gaming RodriguezMånad sedan

    nuthousedadnuthousedadMånad sedan
  • Jelly,Slogo,And,Crainer Have Mouths In Their Inventory

    nuthousedadnuthousedadMånad sedan
  • The slime

  • Wait they milk each other,But their male ???

    Joshkiply CabanillaJoshkiply CabanillaMånad sedan
  • Slim

    randomvideosrandomvideosMånad sedan
  • I like when Crainer is a slime.

    Joan RocafortJoan RocafortMånad sedan
  • Slime I like

    Nathan ReyesNathan ReyesMånad sedan
  • Crainer you can be a ender dragon

    Chaz ilasChaz ilasMånad sedan
  • I like the Creeper

    Marky SanchezMarky SanchezMånad sedan
  • I like how peacefully crainer saying "Wee,Wee" when he is the chiken

    Maricel BaquiranMaricel BaquiranMånad sedan
  • I like the slime

    Amir AmirolAmir AmirolMånad sedan
  • UwU

    Brock BoleyBrock BoleyMånad sedan
  • UwU

    Brock BoleyBrock BoleyMånad sedan
  • UwU

    Brock BoleyBrock BoleyMånad sedan
  • UwU

    Brock BoleyBrock BoleyMånad sedan
  • UwU

    Brock BoleyBrock BoleyMånad sedan
  • UwU

    Brock BoleyBrock BoleyMånad sedan
  • The slime

    Bob ChillBob ChillMånad sedan
  • i was liked enderman and chiken

    Reem AzizReem AzizMånad sedan
  • Me to

    zidane1977zidane1977Månad sedan
  • Ppiiigggb

    Harry Lokesh BherwaniHarry Lokesh BherwaniMånad sedan
  • My favorite animal jelly

    Ace ValderamaAce ValderamaMånad sedan
  • Piggy

    Mad at TurkeysMad at TurkeysMånad sedan
  • Don’t go to my about sectionnnnn

    Hi I am Mr. bEAstHi I am Mr. bEAstMånad sedan
  • Can you do the dragon

    Panda TylerPanda TylerMånad sedan
  • bat?

    KittyLoveKittyLoveMånad sedan
  • Become the ender dragon

    Anupa ParekhAnupa ParekhMånad sedan
  • enderman smart.....everytime I see them there zooming around in the rain or walk right into a pond or ocean.

    spikers6669spikers6669Månad sedan
  • I liked how you killed Josh children

    Raziena ElhajRaziena ElhajMånad sedan
  • They obviously spawned the creepers

    Ronan FrankRonan FrankMånad sedan

    Pink ImposterPink ImposterMånad sedan
  • Hi crianer

    Mario VadeanuMario VadeanuMånad sedan
  • I watch his videos

    Ben and Cade FunBen and Cade FunMånad sedan
  • Slime was the best

  • I like slime is slime

    Randolf MaisogRandolf MaisogMånad sedan
  • can you eat the ender drogon or a wither ?

    marco emaasmarco emaasMånad sedan
  • He forgot to tell subscribe caz we nearly at 7million subscribe

    MarkHumphrey AndalMarkHumphrey AndalMånad sedan
  • i like the slime

    Amaury GatonAmaury GatonMånad sedan
  • you forget oubout the squied

    Wisdom LekwauwaWisdom LekwauwaMånad sedan
  • You can realy eat spider eye

    Marren Louie DumanlangMarren Louie DumanlangMånad sedan