Making My HOUSE FLY In Minecraft!

18 dec 2020
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Making My HOUSE FLY In Minecraft!
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  • Your not dumb yet crainer really so why did I just watch a video of you being dumb

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  • Crainer your real name is Benjamin

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  • Ej

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  • Did you know windmills are used to make bread?

    John TonyJohn Tony21 dag sedan
  • Ahhh. There a creeper

    roblox gus otizroblox gus otiz22 dagar sedan
  • Theres ni random this world imagine you in tge crainer friend andyou in flying hous

    madsharki Manmadsharki Man23 dagar sedan
  • Lolike moves flying house iz crazy AHAHAHAH

    madsharki Manmadsharki Man23 dagar sedan
  • And how does a ship get stuck in a river?

    Eimantas PlayzEimantas Playz24 dagar sedan
  • I wonder what seed this is I’ve never seen a full shipwreck and such a nice beach

    Eimantas PlayzEimantas Playz24 dagar sedan
  • very good

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  • Did you know that if you eat berries it will be Berry good 😆☺

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  • Of it

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  • Jelly didn't make a video

    PMir Zuhair AliPMir Zuhair AliMånad sedan
  • Now that cloud looks like a flying house... Uh I think it really is a flying house

    SJT2004SJT2004Månad sedan
  • create a house that can swim

  • Im very sure this is not a house is a hot ballon

    Full power ZenitsuFull power ZenitsuMånad sedan
  • crainer says yeah it`s the flying farting house

    BraviragazziBraviragazziMånad sedan
  • how do you fly like that

    Finley DurayFinley DurayMånad sedan
  • P

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    • Dodo is a big

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  • Oh my God!

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  • Plsss crainer play phasmophobia with jelly and josh

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  • And your dog is cute

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  • In tri not laf your dog is in

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  • Crainer deserves more subscribers

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  • I love your videos keep it up

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  • Hi Why u meyc huoes bi myine

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  • I feel like they're just looking for random mods.

  • Hi

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  • Nice

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  • This vid is cool

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  • This reminds me of the movie “UP”

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    • @clever_rose huh?

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    • u just copied frost @Simon Fuller above u

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    • Yeah it also reminded me of it

      Dupe LukeDupe LukeMånad sedan
  • I predicted it i said Them:walking house Also them:swimming house Future them:flying house

  • Crainer did alot of "crazy things" in the house with the boys ^_o :3

    Mr JaymerlyMr JaymerlyMånad sedan
  • me seeing the ship in the sand *distracted*

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  • Crainer actually deserve more than he is now

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    • Imagine

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  • Hello crainer I’m your biggest fan

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  • Loving it

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  • 2:59 Yo why is that sand so yellow

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  • cool flying house bro

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  • Handsome gamer 😊😊😍

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  • ؤخخم which means cool

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  • im watching the day after it was posted

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  • At 8:35 i heard naruto sound

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  • Fgteev to oct po tpos ung mga result sir this is my resume for your reference and 👌👌😃😄😃😄😃😄😃🌜🌞🌚🌞🌚

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  • dantdm made it

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  • 3:18 slug down

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  • This is up the movie

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  • Crainer check joshes new video he found your dimands and took them.!

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  • Hi crainer I Love your video 😍

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  • Did any body notice that there is a elytra flying around

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    • crainer literally said that

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  • JeIIy

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  • Cranir

    Bekoy TvBekoy TvMånad sedan
  • thes amazing house

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  • That was not fart the flying house did it was puting inocent animals in your flyung house

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  • Jelly gave you daimonds

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  • Cranier: I am pooping out TNT Slogo: wow that's sick Me: nowadays pooping TNT is cool

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  • Nono i dont like these kind of videos like not cool mods

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  • And pls can I come in your video

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  • I love you crainer!(benjamin) And jelly!(jelle) And slogo!(joshua)

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  • I love crainer

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  • Friking a 🤬🤬

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  • This is a flying house not a treehouse

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  • YUSSSS crainer fammm💛🤙🏻

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  • What if you fly a broken house?

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  • Yo are the best

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  • Why

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  • i saw slogos elytra when he was fliying the hose

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  • Nice vid

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  • Yes... Another amazing mod :)

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  • Hey crainer play trool craft whit jelly and slogo

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  • Wow another cool video from crainer

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  • My SEworld crashed

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  • Aww I miss the barney crainer the veterans know what I mean 😂😂😂

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  • 1:20 I saw a floating elytra

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  • Can you see that

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  • Hi crainer I am your biggest fan and I need to tell you a thing . There in channel name called SEworldr sing so in that they made yours ,Josh and jelly song it is my fav 👌👌👌👌👌

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  • Hi cainer

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  • Hahahaha hot 2:37

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  • ur ah good boy craner

  • maybe the second ability, if the house cannot be seen your friend activate it, then your friend knows where you are..

  • I want a crawling house

    Cyrus MacawileCyrus MacawileMånad sedan
  • Among us impotor

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  • You have made house walk, swim and now fly hahah

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  • Crainer I want to see ghost house Hehehhehehe and subtribe to Crainer it so close to 7M subriber Who's excited?

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  • 1st there was floating house now it is fly house and next it will be under water house

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