I CHANGED JELLY'S House In Minecraft!

22 dec 2020
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I CHANGED JELLY'S House In Minecraft!
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  • Is in your house in your eoof

    Mjeshtri KryesorMjeshtri Kryesor9 timmar sedan
  • Be warned jelly is about to nuke ur world

    Mariah YusafMariah Yusaf10 timmar sedan
  • That looks good 👍🏼

    Jenson MacdonaldJenson Macdonald12 timmar sedan
  • NOoooo

    GTA 5GTA 515 timmar sedan
  • And I'm also going to build a wall that's made out of obsidian Mythic Castle

    Yogi FYogi FDag sedan
  • If you blow up my survival house I will will blow up yours

    Yogi FYogi FDag sedan
  • That Cassel isn't Josh's it's Jelly's

    Erika AlvaroErika AlvaroDag sedan
  • That base is asome

    Zombie Matty GhantiZombie Matty GhantiDag sedan
  • its up the sings

    George GironGeorge GironDag sedan
  • yea Josh found it.

    Sean HennagirSean HennagirDag sedan
  • Do a Troll no Jelly

    Lim. jolie PechLim. jolie Pech2 dagar sedan
  • Crímenes chao pues yo Times en un Top aburro ps Alison

    Joshua ReyesJoshua Reyes2 dagar sedan
  • Crainer just colonized Jelly

    Izanagi SanIzanagi San2 dagar sedan
  • i want you to troll me Lol 👍

    Nenka RakNenka Rak2 dagar sedan
  • Please crainer do a another episode on turtle town

    gaming gamergaming gamer2 dagar sedan
  • 8:25 ur not friends with Jelly though

    Presidents singPresidents sing3 dagar sedan
  • Boo

    cecille eliccecille elic3 dagar sedan
  • Crainer jelly broke into your house

    Raquel ZepedaRaquel Zepeda3 dagar sedan
  • The simonds are in the brick roof

    Garrett BGarrett B4 dagar sedan
  • How did he not find the atick

    Thomas CoolThomas Cool4 dagar sedan
  • Jelly actually found your base a LOOOOOOOONG time ago

    magiclover49magiclover494 dagar sedan
  • Thats not jelly its slogo

    Mikhail Audrylle Asiatico OrtilanoMikhail Audrylle Asiatico Ortilano6 dagar sedan
  • HahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahaha

    Michelle MartinezMichelle Martinez7 dagar sedan
  • Jelly and josh are so mean to you crainer and are so dumn well jelly is and how can you see jelly he is so small

    Brewers4Life - Brawl StarsBrewers4Life - Brawl Stars7 dagar sedan
  • yeah Flute jelly hide in your home than jelly put you a sins but slogo saw the sing & FIND tham! than slogo changed the sing

    Bayan's WorldBayan's World7 dagar sedan
  • Name MelkinPlayz the first vid

    Melkin GamezMelkin Gamez7 dagar sedan
  • :(

    Melkin GamezMelkin Gamez7 dagar sedan
  • Hey crainer

    Melkin GamezMelkin Gamez7 dagar sedan
  • I have like 5 accounts and I subed with them ALL

    DiamondDiamond8 dagar sedan
  • WOW!

    DiamondDiamond8 dagar sedan
  • Don't troll jelly

    Evereth AlipEvereth Alip8 dagar sedan
  • Jelly put the dimonds on top of ur brick roof

    Brydie SpiteriBrydie Spiteri8 dagar sedan
  • Craner jelly remove his house please forgive jelly no more troll ok

    indayhookers vlogsindayhookers vlogs9 dagar sedan
  • jelly watching: 👁️💧👄💧👁️

    Alex ŠestanAlex Šestan9 dagar sedan
  • Do you not do the carpet cleaner

    Clark PaytonClark Payton9 dagar sedan
  • .

    Rav Lexis LALUSINRav Lexis LALUSIN10 dagar sedan
  • Next time make his go boom boom

    Josh Adrian DambarJosh Adrian Dambar10 dagar sedan
  • stpid crainer

    Arlan SolijonArlan Solijon10 dagar sedan
  • Your Dimons are in his adiic

    Maylea CattellMaylea Cattell11 dagar sedan

    Xd Riz1Xd Riz111 dagar sedan
  • Im one of crainers subscribers

    Paul_30pro565Paul_30pro56511 dagar sedan
  • My server is gonna be named GTA 5 craner and James

    James WoodJames Wood11 dagar sedan
  • Up on roof slogo

    tracy purdietracy purdie12 dagar sedan
  • 7:47

    Bear PrøBear Prø12 dagar sedan
  • Jelly put them in your roof of your house!!!! He not lying

    IM DavidIM David12 dagar sedan
  • No you did a troll on slogo 17 housers ago please don’t do that or ELS I will be mad because I can’t tell him because I can’t!!!

    siobhan gregorysiobhan gregory12 dagar sedan
  • Josh took it 💰

    kajal benniekajal bennie12 dagar sedan
  • Crainer Josh troll you as Jelly

    Austin BooysenAustin Booysen12 dagar sedan
  • Simpson house vibes

    Samuel WebsterSamuel Webster13 dagar sedan
  • Idc

    Patrik AlvesandPatrik Alvesand13 dagar sedan
  • Well done with 7m subs

    mzbuster bustermzbuster buster13 dagar sedan
  • How dare you I love jelly more than you

    Mira HakimMira Hakim14 dagar sedan
  • tell the server adress please

    Wilson KavilpadWilson Kavilpad15 dagar sedan
  • You can actually use it for a failsafe in the troll wars

    Jonathan DyckJonathan Dyck16 dagar sedan
  • Well the house look insane

    Ariana AktherAriana Akther16 dagar sedan
  • Jelly is a idiots

    Ariana AktherAriana Akther16 dagar sedan
  • no is not jelly is slogoma

    kyaw kyawkyaw kyaw16 dagar sedan
  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Amrita KhatiwadaAmrita Khatiwada16 dagar sedan
  • Yay toltol town

    PikachudPikachud17 dagar sedan

    Lee BenoitLee Benoit18 dagar sedan
  • It looks nice good job

    Saqibs JourneySaqibs Journey18 dagar sedan
  • Ur dimmends are ubove the signs were jellly put them

    Saqibs JourneySaqibs Journey18 dagar sedan
  • Crainer u should build a community made but when jelly or Josh get to the middle there is a pressure plate that blows them up

    Mr PiggyMr Piggy19 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    connor smithconnor smith19 dagar sedan
  • Look at me and doesn’t know why everything is here and I’m in Charlie’s house and I need to see and then I should sleep with me and when you came on jelly server again and then she saw everything you did on this video

    Michael DodemaideMichael Dodemaide19 dagar sedan
  • SLOGOOOOOOO+ 4:09 DID U ment - 200 iq

    GANGvtGANGvt19 dagar sedan
  • So mush yellow

    nasrin and ayatnasrin and ayat19 dagar sedan
  • Flag and house its yellow

    nasrin and ayatnasrin and ayat19 dagar sedan
  • above the first sign

    Macarena VergaraMacarena Vergara19 dagar sedan
  • Slogo killed floppy troll slogo

    Sam MatesicSam Matesic19 dagar sedan
  • Hahahahah jelly dose not have your gold it’s in your house

  • O No kidding

    Deborah CaineDeborah Caine19 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    Deborah CaineDeborah Caine19 dagar sedan
  • For Crainer: Jelly Didn’t Hide Them, Slogo Took Them Then Changed The Signs

    FluteForD4YsFluteForD4Ys19 dagar sedan
    • how do u no what happend

      COOKY doby seeCOOKY doby see11 timmar sedan
    • Correct

      Presidents singPresidents sing3 dagar sedan
    • What video was it

      Eunice DelfinEunice Delfin7 dagar sedan
  • To be honest the house looks way better

    Jackdavey PlaysJackdavey Plays20 dagar sedan
  • U r at 7m

    Jackdavey PlaysJackdavey Plays20 dagar sedan
  • I subed so dont troll my house I spent 6 months on it

    yes twoyesyes twoyes20 dagar sedan
  • I tell jelly haha crainer

    XX Cuahella Roblox and minecraft and pixel NguyenXX Cuahella Roblox and minecraft and pixel Nguyen20 dagar sedan
  • Josh put those sings

    Fernando MelendrezFernando Melendrez20 dagar sedan
  • i love your vids

    Heather BartonHeather Barton20 dagar sedan
  • It's actually slogoman

    Jake Carlo OcampoJake Carlo Ocampo20 dagar sedan
    • You misunderstood hahaha

      Jake Carlo OcampoJake Carlo Ocampo20 dagar sedan
  • it was slogo

    mark stockilmark stockil20 dagar sedan
  • crainer do you remember when you were doing a video you troll us

    Ronaldo PlazaRonaldo Plaza20 dagar sedan
  • Please troll me please

    Corbin FletcherCorbin Fletcher21 dag sedan
  • hey crainer jelly is going to beat the ender dragon in turtle town and he hide the nether portal because he want to beat the ender dragon him self ;-)

    Amelia NormadewiAmelia Normadewi21 dag sedan
  • Yes I've been stuck in my house all day

    Adrienne FranklinAdrienne Franklin21 dag sedan
  • Its was slogo

    Reymund chove PavilandoReymund chove Pavilando21 dag sedan
  • It's on your roof cranier

    Mharlon OmbasMharlon Ombas21 dag sedan
  • There in your roof

    Panda LordPanda Lord21 dag sedan
  • Coiner go to the roof you will find your dimendes

    Nana IbrahimNana Ibrahim21 dag sedan
  • Crainer said It creepy with his troll but he made jelly’s house better . Crainer hit 7M subs GG CRAINER aka the best SEworldr on the blooooooooooooooooooooooook

    Ryan GigliottiRyan Gigliotti21 dag sedan
  • Jd3kf4jhfzshf

    Erika AntalErika Antal21 dag sedan
  • Jelly hide your dimamond in your roof

    Kai ToKai To21 dag sedan
  • Yes- yeah- no

    xyryll's vlogxyryll's vlog21 dag sedan
  • Haha jelly

    xyryll's vlogxyryll's vlog21 dag sedan
  • Yeah crainer yellow

    xyryll's vlogxyryll's vlog21 dag sedan
  • No JELLY!

    xyryll's vlogxyryll's vlog21 dag sedan
  • Yeah

    xyryll's vlogxyryll's vlog21 dag sedan
  • Haha yes

    xyryll's vlogxyryll's vlog21 dag sedan
  • Yeah haha slogo

    xyryll's vlogxyryll's vlog21 dag sedan