Playing As BABIES In Human Fall Flat!

2 jan 2021
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Playing As BABIES In Human Fall Flat!
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  • Why are they always mean to you :C

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  • I haven't laughed in a long time, but your starting to make me laugh again 🤣😘

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  • Hack in Humen Fall Flat and ACSHLY be a BABY Tell Jelly that he needs to QETT youtub

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  • Crainer remembers the old vids now he remeber the hello crazy family

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  • I just the end just... awkward

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  • Hi crainer im a big fan

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  • Can. You play more fall guys

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  • wow crainer

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  • Jelly: I’m in the vent Me: JELLY IS THE IMPOSTOR

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  • My name is Red yslug

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  • Jelly and Crainer: Room Slogo/Josh:Rum

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  • How do u have that level

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  • I love your videos crainer

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  • Why is crainers said r

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  • Jelly said in the last part 🤣Up they're doesn't say anything 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Jelly was little grumpy in this video

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  • Yo crainer you are my 2nd favourite youtuber

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  • you are a baby

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  • Love your vids man keep it up

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  • Slogo is the dad Jelly and Crainer are the kids lol

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  • wait this the first episode of human fall and it came out today WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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  • And u roasted him

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  • For the intro he would of traveled forwards in time

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  • crainer u should b uploading a video y now

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  • Opps I forgot it was ur b day December 12th btw mine December 7th

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  • why did u leave Jelly behind? :(

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  • Team Slogo

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  • Omg your a woble man.biggest fan of you

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  • I like your videos and your blip blop blup blip 😆😆 and ohh I'm Filipino

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  • Could you make a series on identity v and party animals

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  • Hey Mr. Crainer

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  • Title: playing as BABIES crainer and friends: not a baby-

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  • Its all like obby

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  • Crainer I love 💕 your character on human fell flet ok

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  • Crainer can u tell me how to play this map on mobile or I can not do that or u guys tell me in comments

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  • Love it very much

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  • Jelly: you are acting like a grandpa. In reality: Josh is the youngest.

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    • Crainer is the eldest

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    • True he is youngest

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  • finish the lyrics: WHAT I WANNA DO IS________

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  • Crainer puts baby title bcuz Jelly is a baby

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  • Why is jelly so mad at crainer and slogo

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  • I just want the updates

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  • Crainer how are you so good in whistling? I dont even know how do a tune in whistling😡

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